Mu­tual Friends

TV Plus (South Africa) - - 10 NOVEM­BER -

Sea­son 2 SABC1 (*191) 20:30 Drama Episode 12 The law catches up with Sizo and his fam­ily, and Dani has to make some tough choices as the search for Jabu con­tin­ues.

This is your first pre­sent­ing gig in a while, right? My last pre­sent­ing job was on re­al­ity show Mind The Gap (2009-2010) in 2009. Pre­sent­ing a show like Speak Out al­lows me to use my “celebrity” sta­tus to change peo­ple’s lives. I’m a so­cial ac­tivist by na­ture – if you go through my so­cial me­dia, you’d eas­ily spot this. I al­ways yearn to be part of the so­lu­tion and not the prob­lem. How has this changed your per­spec­tive of the show from be­ing a viewer at home? I first au­di­tioned for Speak Out in 2012 and I’ve wanted to be part of it since be­fore then. When you’re a viewer, you only see the fi­nal edited ver­sion, con­densed into 24 min­utes. In re­al­ity, it may take an en­tire day and night or two to do the back­story and hunt­ing down and con­fronting the per­pe­tra­tor. When you’re the pre­sen­ter, you’re the me­di­a­tor, you drive the show. Emo­tions are usu­ally heated, you must calm down both par­ties and help with the so­lu­tion. What goes into film­ing an episode? It starts with vic­tims of scams or un­fair busi­ness prac­tices writ­ing in. Our re­searchers look at the facts – they have a check­list, so if all the boxes are ticked, the re­searchers get in touch with the com­plainant to get more facts. Sto­ries are pro­posed to the chan­nel and if they ap­prove, the team vis­its the com­plainant. Upon re­turn­ing, scripts are writ­ten and sched­ul­ing for shoot­ing is done.

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