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Sea­son 1 Thurs­days (from 10 Nov) ITV Choice (*123) 20:00 Drama In mid-2015 while an ex­hi­bi­tion of the real-life trea­sures of King Tu­tankhamun was on dis­play at Grand West Casino in Cape Town, work was un­der­way on the four-part TV mini-series Tu­tankhamun (2016). It was filmed in the dune deserts of the North­ern Cape and Namibia that stood in for Egypt’s Val­ley Of The Kings and the set in­cluded a life-size, pre­cisely de­tailed replica of King Tut’s tomb. The series stars Max Irons as Egyp­tol­o­gist Howard Carter, Sam Neill as his spon­sor Lord Carnar­von and Amy Wren as Lord Carnar­von’s daugh­ter Lady Eve­lyn. Here’s what you need to know…

The story be­gins in 1905 with Brit 1

ar­chae­ol­o­gist Howard lead­ing an ex­pe­di­tion to Egypt’s Val­ley Of Kings for Mag­gie Lewis (Cather­ine Stead­man) of New York’s Metropoli­tan Museum.

When Cairo’s An­tiq­ui­ties Ser­vice 2

re­vokes Carter’s li­cense to dig after an “in­ci­dent”, he sur­vives by sell­ing relics for food.

But his pas­sion for Egypt im­presses 3

am­a­teur Egyp­tol­o­gist Lord Carnar­von dur­ing a chance meet­ing and Carter signs on as his guide. Lady Eve­lyn, then a teen, joins for an ad­ven­ture in Egypt.

Their quest to find the boy king 4

Tu­tankhamun’s tomb is halted by World War I and money is­sues as the search nearly bankrupts Carnar­von.

But in 1921, a re­turn to Egypt 5

yields a breath-tak­ing dis­cov­ery and ro­mance blos­soms be­tween the now-grown-up Eve­lyn and Carter.

“Carnar­von bet his for­tune on 6

Carter’s hunch and it paid off… or rather it nearly did…” teases series writer Guy Burt. “Ex­plor­ing for buried trea­sure is an ex­tra­or­di­nary thing!” PS: South African cos­tume de­signer Diana Cil­liers also worked on sci-fi films Dis­trict 9 (2009) and Dredd (2012).

Lord Carnar­von, Eve­lyn and Howard Carter.

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