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Thakane re­turns to the ho­tel and pleads on hands and knees for Mo­rak­ile’s for­give­ness – she wants him to for­give her for not lis­ten­ing to his ad­vice and for also not tak­ing his side when he con­fided in her about Maru mur­der­ing the brothers’ fa­ther. Maru and Thakane meet up later for din­ner but things quickly turn ugly, while back at the ho­tel Mo­rak­ile takes it upon him­self to give the staff a pep talk and try lift their spir­its.

Mo­rak­ile’s mes­sage blows up in his face and his pep talk in­spires the ho­tel em­ploy­ees to go on strike. Maru finds a way to take ad­van­tage of the strike, and Mapule tells the strik­ers to make use of so­cial me­dia to get sup­port for their protest at the ho­tel. Later, Atleha makes an in­ter­est­ing dis­cov­ery that has the po­ten­tial to change a num­ber of sit­u­a­tions, and Tse­lane ex­tends an olive branch to her sis­ter Gabisile by pay­ing her var­sity fees, but will that be enough to set­tle their sib­ling feud?


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Gabi was over­whelmed with her aca­demic work­load, and Xolani was mur­dered at the ho­tel.

9 – 10 NOVEM­BER

Tse­lane wel­comes Maru’s baby, while Gabi bat­tles to bal­ance moth­er­hood and stud­ies. While Tse­lane is happy to be a mother, she strug­gles to take care of the new­born, and Foloko dis­likes Mapule’s au­thor­i­ta­tive at­ti­tude. Later, Maru is forced to sell the fam­ily land back to Kgosi after the coun­cil votes against him.

14 – 17 NOVEM­BER

Tse­lane needs ad­vice on how to han­dle her baby but Gabi doesn’t want to help be­cause she still feels be­trayed. Mapule gets es­pe­cially bossy at the car­wash and Tokelo and Foloko con­front her, and Kgosi learns that Maru has given Tse­lane rights to ac­cess, buy and sell his prop­er­ties. Later Kgosi tries to ma­nip­u­late Tse­lane into sell­ing Maru’s prop­er­ties to him, and Tse­lane has a mo­ment of mad­ness when the baby won’t stop cry­ing.

21 – 22 NOVEM­BER

Tse­lane moves back into Sharon’s house when Gabi won’t help her with the baby, and Maru moves in too, which makes the al­readys­mall space even tinier. Mo­rak­ile then tries to sweet-talk Tse­lane into sell­ing all of Maru’s prop­er­ties to Kgosi.

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