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Judge Mox­ley sen­tences Noah for his hit-and-run on Billy, and Luca tricks Noah into vi­o­lat­ing his pro­ba­tion. Luca warns Vic­tor that Michael is plan­ning to throw his case, and Vic­tor tells Adam that he’ll plead guilty if Adam agrees to run Newman En­ter­prises. Jack and Neil un­veil their project for build­ing ad­dic­tion re­cov­ery centres, while Hi­lary and Ash­ley fight over po­si­tions on the Ab­bott-Win­ters Foun­da­tion’s board.


Luca di­vorces Marisa, and Vic­tor fires Michael, dis­owns his fam­ily and is sen­tenced to 10 years in prison. Ian (Ray Wise) of­fers Vic­tor an al­liance after Vic­tor is stabbed by an­other in­mate, and Victoria tat­tles to Jack about Phyl­lis and Billy’s grow­ing in­ti­macy. Jack fires Billy as every­one squab­bles for con­trol of Passkey, and Shawn backs off from the adop­tion. Sharon and Sage learn that Nurse Stephens (Jill Lover) was a for­mer pa­tient of Dr An­der­son (El­iz­a­beth Bo­gush), and Patty (Stacy Haiduk) tells Paul that she stabbed Dr An­der­son to pro­tect “the baby”.


Natalie se­duces Kevin, and Vic­tor and Ian plot to use Dr Mered­ith Gates (Ali­cia Cop­pola) to get out of prison. Sharon and Sage learn that baby Sully is re­ally Chris­tian, but Sage dies in a car crash be­fore she can re­veal the truth. Max is then put in psy­chi­atric care after Dy­lan gets ev­i­dence link­ing him to Abby’s fall.


Vic­tor had Noah ex­tra­dited for Billy’s hit-an­drun ac­ci­dent, and Adam told Chelsea that he was Chris­tian’s bi­o­log­i­cal fa­ther.

9 – 11 NOVEM­BER

Natalie is work­ing for Billy and Phyl­lis after get­ting Vic­tor to fire her, and Phyl­lis vows to Jack that they’ll bring down Vic­tor to­gether. Phyl­lis files a po­lice re­port with Dy­lan, while Victoria is fu­ri­ous after Billy proves to her that Vic­tor hired Marco to im­per­son­ate Jack. Vic­tor col­lapses and is taken to hospi­tal after Paul ar­rests him, while Sum­mer vis­its Vic­tor in jail and they imag­ine what life in Genoa City would be like with­out him: Phyl­lis would be in a coma and Nikki would be a home­less drunk.

14 – 18 NOVEM­BER

Charges against Jack are dropped after Chris­tine proves that the boat ex­plo­sion he caused had no ca­su­al­ties, but Stitch rants to Abby that Jack still mur­dered Kelly. Hi­lary black­mails Ash­ley into mak­ing her boss, while Shawn the teen mom in­vites Nick and Sage to her ul­tra­sound ap­point­ment but Nick fears that Sage is scar­ing Shawn off adop­tion by be­ing too bossy. Max ad­mits that he falsely ac­cused Stitch of abu­sive be­hav­iour, and Phyl­lis and Lau­ren pres­sure Michael to take Vic­tor’s case but de­lib­er­ately lose the trial. Judge Mox­ley later calls a press con­fer­ence to an­nounce that she’s step­ping down from Vic­tor’s trial be­cause of their af­fair.

21 – 22 NOVEM­BER

Vic­tor makes Sum­mer his proxy on the Newman En­ter­prises board but the board ousts him and votes Victoria in as CEO, and Adam tells Vic­tor that he’s landed a job in New York.

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