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At Koster has a house full of peo­ple and it’s a change for him. Louis is un­happy when he re­alises that Karli doesn’t feel the same way about him, while else­where Wimpie and Breg­gie are bump­ing heads, and it turns out that Al­tus isn’t who he seems to be.


Pippa’s babyshower is ru­ined and it’s up to At to in­ter­vene and save the day. Bron­wyn is in­volved in a se­ri­ous ac­ci­dent, and later it seems that Bron­wyn isn’t the only per­son who’s try­ing to get no­ticed by hunky Deon. Naomi’s Christ­mas sched­ule is go­ing to keep her busier than usual thanks to her two fam­i­lies, and a Fa­ther Christ­mas hits all the right notes when it turns out that he can sing too. Bron­wyn’s fa­ther Tim (Les­lie Fong) is back and that spells drama for the Abra­hams fam­ily.


A se­cond cof­fee shop in the on­col­ogy unit is the topic of dis­cus­sion, and Lexi’s life is in dan­ger. An­nel­ize’s ex Eben (Zak Hen­drikz) shows up, and Belinda (Amanda Stry­dom) shares an im­por­tant se­cret with Ter­tius.


Psy­cho Marissa held Ter­tius, Karli and An­nel­ize hostage in the flat, and At and Jana got mar­ried.

9 – 11 NOVEM­BER

Pippa keeps Bron­wyn in the dark, Louis has a se­ri­ous chat with Jana, and a staff mem­ber is ad­mit­ted to hospi­tal. Karli’s ac­tions up­set Jana, and Karli later feels ne­glected by Ter­tius. Bron­wyn has info about Xal­pharm, and At shows his true colours when he meets Al­tus. The truth about Aces­torix is re­vealed, while else­where Jana is left to cry on a stranger’s shoul­der.

14 – 18 NOVEM­BER

Karli gets bad news, At spots a busi­ness op­por­tu­nity, and Naomi re­alises how much Con­rad sup­ports Pippa. Bron­wyn wants a di­vorce, and An­nel­ize begs At for medicine. Wilmien feels guilty about her jeal­ousy, and Al­tus tells At to in­vest in Xal­pharm. Steve and Bron­wyn reach an agree­ment, while Louis tries to woo Karli, and An­nel­ize re­veals her feel­ings. Bron­wyn and Deon re­alise that they’re look­ing for more an­swers, and At lets Al­tus know who’s boss.

21 – 22 NOVEM­BER

Bron­wyn and Deon dis­cuss the fu­ture, and At keeps Jana in the dark about his plans. Ter­tius later finds him­self in a dif­fi­cult po­si­tion in the Koster home.

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