Lelo drugs Lizzy & hops into bed with Man­gal­iso! Char­ity is a cheater PLUS!

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“Ah, that guy, he should run!” laughs Bon­gani Ma­sondo. His char­ac­ter Man­gal­iso is dat­ing wheelchair­bound Eliz­a­beth (Amanda Manku) but that doesn’t mean his eyes aren’t wan­der­ing. And that’s some­thing Lizzy is go­ing to learn the hard way, be­cause by Mon­day 5 De­cem­ber, the guy nick­named “Baby­maker” is al­most back in bed with his paroled baby­mamma Lelo (Amanda du-Pont).


Lelo’s been work­ing her plan to get Man­gal­iso back since he vis­ited her in jail back in May 2016 while she was still preg­nant, and her plan notched up in mid-Septem­ber when she was paroled and moved in with the cou­ple. “He is only let­ting Lelo stay there so that he can be an ac­tive fa­ther to their baby Nosipho (Mbalienhle Tabu),” Bon­gani ex­plains. “This was an ar­range­ment for their child, not for Lelo to get back with him.” But tell that to Lelo – she has wanted her fam­ily back since day 1 and has been us­ing dirty tricks to get the job done. “She did things like call Man­gal­iso up­stairs to check on their child, know­ing that be­cause Eliz­a­beth is in a wheel­chair, she can’t come up to the loft room,” says Amanda. Bon­gani adds that “Lelo be­ing the car­ing mother for their baby seems to have an ef­fect on Man­gal­iso and he’s fall­ing for her all over again”.


Lizzy’s been in a wheel­chair since Jan­uary 2016 when she was shot in a driveby while in the car with Man­gal­iso. But lately she’s been notic­ing strange sen­sa­tions in her legs and she de­cided not to tell her man. In­stead, she left for Tur­floop on an im­promptu trip on Tues­day 22 Novem­ber and Bon­gani says that “she has frozen him out of what’s hap­pen­ing. Lizzy is keep­ing this gi­ant se­cret and it’s caus­ing ten­sion be­tween them” when she re­turns on Fri­day 25 Novem­ber.

Like a jackal, Lelo can smell an op­por­tu­nity a mile away. “Man­gal­iso has fallen for her trick­ery. Lelo has con­vinced him that she’s the vic­tim, that she’s not at fault,” Bon­gani says. And Lelo is so de­vi­ous that she’s even will­ing to drug Lizzy to get her way – on Fri­day 25 Novem­ber she con­vinces her pa­role of­fi­cer Then­jiwe (Nomsa Son­qishe) to give her sleep­ing pills.


Lelo is no saint and she was thrown in jail for at­tempted mur­der in Novem­ber 2015. De­spite know­ing full well what she’s ca­pa­ble of, Man­gal­iso and Lizzy “are both blind­sided by her trick­ery,” Bon­gani says, adding that “Lelo’s like, ‘I’m the baby­mamma and you’re the girl­friend. I get it. Let me help with the house­work and cook­ing while you’re study­ing’”. That lulls the pair into a false sense of se­cu­rity, but the alarm bells are about to start ring­ing… es­pe­cially when it comes to those “af­ter-meal naps” that Eliz­a­beth is sud­denly en­joy­ing so much.


“Man­gal­iso acts now and deals with the con­se­quences later. He loves Lizzy and Lelo in dif­fer­ent ways,” Bon­gani ex­plains. But then he starts get­ting in­ti­mate again with Lelo be­hind his girl­friend’s back from Tues­day 6 De­cem­ber. “This is a se­cret that he’s go­ing to keep from Lizzy and it’s go­ing to blow up in his face when it does come out.” Another se­cret that could blow up is Lelo’s pill power – Eliz­a­beth finds the stash of sleep­ing pills on Thurs­day 1 De­cem­ber that Lelo’s been se­cretly feed­ing her in her food, but be­cause of all the other drama go­ing on in her life right now, she doesn’t con­nect the dots about what’s go­ing on right un­der her roof…

Man­gal­iso is se­duced by Lelo again. Lelo’s up to her old tricks again.

Eliz­a­beth and Man­gal­iso are go­ing through a rough patch in their re­la­tion­ship.

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