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Than­daza and Ran­thu­meng’s (Sindi Dlathu and Brian Temba) mar­riage is rac­ing to­wards the rocks like an out-of- con­trol speed­boat. And it’s not sur­pris­ing, given the choppy wa­ters that they’ve had to nav­i­gate in the past year. Ran­thu got his niece-turned-sec­ond wife Imani (Zonke Mchunu) preg­nant in Novem­ber 2015 and jeal­ous Than­daza was ac­cused of mur­der­ing Imani in Jan­uary 2016. Then, in April 2016, Than­daza had a melt­down and ended up at a re­li­gious camp, only to be res­cued by Ran­thu and for­mer hus­band Pheko (Palo Mokoailane). The cou­ple’s love fiz­zled and Than­daza’s busi­ness ca­reer was also af­fected, but like a phoenix ris­ing from the ashes, Than­daza is tak­ing back what’s hers at work and at home from Fri­day 25 Novem­ber.


Than­daza asks her es­tranged hubby for for­give­ness on Mon­day 28 Novem­ber and to try move past their mar­i­tal prob­lems. “At the mo­ment, we’re try­ing to get back to­gether and man­age the mar­riage,” Sindi ex­plains. “She has strong feel­ings for Ran­thu­meng and Than­daza des­per­ately wants him to for­give her for all that she’s done, in­clud­ing invit­ing job­less Imani to live with them. Than­daza wants to take re­spon­si­bil­ity for her ac­tions.” But while Ran­thu­meng wants to for­give his wife, he’s bat­tling his emo­tions be­cause he can’t just look past their hard­ships as though they don’t ex­ist.


“Than­daza also feels re­spon­si­ble for Ran­thu cheat­ing on her with Imani be­cause she was be­ing a dif­fi­cult wife and he went look­ing else­where for love and af­fec­tion,” Sindi adds. On Tues­day 29 Novem­ber, the cou­ple de­cide to tear up the di­vorce pa­pers that they served one another in April 2016 and try re­unite. “Than­daza loves her hus­band and she doesn’t want the bad times to out­weigh the good. She’s des­per­ate to make this work be­cause she has been left heart­bro­ken with each of her pre­vi­ous hus­bands – de­ceased Ed­ward (Glen Lewis, un­til 2007, then re­placed by Mpho Tsedu un­til 2008) in 2008, Ndalamo (Les­ley Musina) in 2009 and Pheko in 2013, who popped into her life in April 2016 and he even pro­posed to Than­daza, hop­ing that she’d drop Ran­thu­meng and leave with him,” says Sindi. While the cou­ple are try­ing to mend their mar­riage, Than­daza’s son Vusi (Raphael Grif­fiths) don’t seem pleased and he con­fronts Than­daza and Ran­thu on Thurs­day 1 De­cem­ber, de­mand­ing to know what’s go­ing on be­tween them.


“Vusi can’t be­lieve what he’s hear­ing when Than­daza ex­plains [on Fri­day 2 De­cem­ber] that she and Ran­thu are get­ting back to­gether,” Sindi re­veals. “Vusi’s fu­ri­ous be­cause he thinks that his step­dad Ran­thu­meng is a cheater and a liar and he doesn’t de­serve another chance to be with his mom.” How­ever, Than­daza be­ing happy again is good news for her best friend James (Din­gaan Mokebe) be­cause he wants to see her smil­ing and happy. And if Sindi’s hints are any­thing to go by, her char­ac­ter could be back with a vengeance. “Than­daza is a strong woman and she will get her life back in or­der. She is get­ting stronger emo­tion­ally; now all that she wants is a sta­ble mar­riage with Ran­thu and a fa­ther fig­ure for her kid Dakalo (Nosiphiwe Maz­ibuko).”

These are try­ing times for Ran­thu­meng and Than­daza’s mar­riage.

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