Cus­tody bat­tle for lit­tle Thi­nus

Dawid’s back and he wants some­thing from Marko: Thi­nus!

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Marko (Fran­cois Lens­ley) is on a mis­sion to save Thi­nus (Ian Roelfs) from the boy’s es­tranged fa­ther Dawid Gre­eff (Stian Bam), who re­turned unan­nounced in Novem­ber af­ter a seven-year ab­sence. Dawid wants to be part of Thi­nus’s life – the four-yearold’s mom and Dawid’s ex-girl­friend Emma (Bertha le Roux) has been in prison since De­cem­ber 2013, but noth­ing can pre­pare Marko for what hap­pens on Wed­nes­day 30 Novem­ber when another prob­lem comes call­ing…


“Marko doesn’t want to up­set Thi­nus, who’s stay­ing with him. But he also can’t keep Thi­nus away from his bi­o­log­i­cal fa­ther,” ex­plains Fran­cois. Marko de­cides that Dawid can see his son on Fri­day 25 Novem­ber at Op­piekoffie and Fran­cois adds that “Marko tells Thi­nus that they’re go­ing to meet a friend of his from the United States, but Dawid is a no-show”. While Thi­nus is drink­ing his milk­shake, Marko sees lawyer Xan­der (Theo Jan­tjies) and he asks his friend for ad­vice, but Xan­der tells Marko that he has no le­gal rights. Later that day, Marko phones Thi­nus’s granny Retha (Marlise Er­wee) and asks the boy’s le­gal guardian to fetch him.


Marko thinks that Dawid has taken the coward’s way out but then he ar­rives at Marko’s restau­rant Stasie Ses on Tues­day 29 Novem­ber. Dawid tells Marko that Emma has given him per­mis­sion to ap­ply for full cus­tody of Thi­nus, which stuns Marko, as Fran­cois ex­plains. “He’s shocked by Dawid’s words and says that he’s go­ing to see Emma in prison and find out from her if Dawid is telling the truth.” But later that day, Marko is told that Emma, who’s serv­ing 12 years for mur­der­ing her ex-hubby Rick (Dar­ren Kelfkens), doesn’t want to see him.”

Sur­prised and up­set, Marko con­vinces Vanessa (In­grid Paulus) to call Emma on Wed­nes­day 30 Novem­ber and he grabs the phone from her mid- con­ver­sa­tion, only for pris­oner Emma to slam the phone down in his ear. Later that day, while Marko’s at home ly­ing on the couch think­ing about what’s go­ing on, his mo­ment of re­flec­tion is ru­ined by a loud knock­ing on his door… it’s Emma!

Marko looks like he’s seen a ghost.

Emma and Dawid in hap­pier times.

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