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• [on news that High Rollers has been can­celled by the SABC – see more on p25] High Rollers was the best show with the best writ­ing and act­ing. Why not can­cel Isidingo which is luke­warm. The SABC is a joke – AJAX LAIPA MDITSHWA, VIA FACEBOOK • SABC, you are sick. How can you give High Rollers the boot? If any­thing, it was the best drama I’ve seen – JUANITA ROBERTS, VIA FACEBOOK • Now they can put Days Of Our Lives on at 19:30! – WAR­REN ADAMS, VIA FACEBOOK • [on Hilde­gardt Whites’ preg­nancy] Please use her preg­nancy in the story too. Will love to see Bonita and Vince Mein­tjies blessed with a baby [on 7de Laan] – JEN­NIFER KHUNOU, VIA FACEBOOK • [On Gareth Cliff quit­ting Idols] I was done with Idols two years ago. Good move, dude! – LINDA KOEKEMOER, VIA FACEBOOK • Emma is back? [on 7de

Laan] What about that 12- year im­pris­on­ment? Is it 12 years al­ready? – ED­WARD VAN DER WESTHUIZEN, VIA FACEBOOK • No! Please don’t let Emma come back [to 7de Laan]. I’m not ready for her char­ac­ter’s moan­ing and drama all the time – LY­DIA DAVIDS, VIA FACEBOOK • Thank you SABC2 for Musiek Roulette. Ex­cel­lent show. Never miss it – ANONY­MOUS, VIA SMS • It’s 2016 and Ridge [on Bold] is still mak­ing ba­bies. Why? – @MEL_ MOODLEY_, VIA TWIT­TER • Romeo [on Scan­dal!] is so cruel. What does he stand to gain by fram­ing poor Mary? Imag­ine if Lindiwe found out! – TLOTLO MAMOGALE, VIA FACEBOOK • Chris Smit is a real chef. Neill An­thony cooks for snobs. Very bor­ing food that no per­son can cook. And that bor­ing voice! – ANONY­MOUS, VIA SMS • Mob­steel, please, no. Angie, Isidingo, enough! The Men­tal­ist again, please! – ANONY­MOUS, VIA SMS • Ayanda [on Uzalo] is a Xulu and he should start act­ing like it. I hate his at­ti­tude. He thinks he’s holier than his sur­name. I don’t see any­thing spe­cial about the Mdlet­shes – ABEL, VIA FACEBOOK • Please e.tv, keep the sub­ti­tles on the screen. Firstly it’s great for the hear­ing im­paired and se­condly it’s nice to watch with the sound down and not dis­turb oth­ers. Sub­ti­tles also al­low us to en­joy TV in an­other lan­guage. Give us even more sub­ti­tles – ANONY­MOUS, VIA SMS

Ter­ence Brid­gett and his High Rollers co-stars could be off our screens soon.

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