Wanna bet?

Thomas For­rester is out to prove that he can have any woman he wants.

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View­ers are fa­mil­iar with the “sex bet” from teen movies like Cruel In­ten­tions (1999). You know the story: hand­some pop­u­lar guy bets pop­u­lar girl that he can se­duce her prissy ri­val. Well, no­body could ac­cuse hand­some Thomas For­rester (Pier­son Fodé) of emo­tional ma­tu­rity right now, but he hits a new low when his pop­u­lar sis­ter St­effy (Jac­que­line MacInnes Wood) tells him, “You’re not hav­ing an af­fair with Ivy (Ash­leigh Brewer),” and he re­torts, “You want to bet?” A grossed-out St­effy replies, “What are you, like, 12?” And on Mon­day 12 De­cem­ber, since Thomas seems to have trou­ble lis­ten­ing to women lately, she re­peats, “I’m not mak­ing this stupid bet. I was with Wy­att (Darin Brooks) ear­lier and he and Ivy seem gen­uinely happy to­gether.” But Thomas has be­come a man on a sleazy mis­sion! Re­jec­tion from his dad’s wife Caro­line (Lin­sey God­frey) is driv­ing Thomas’s de­ter­mi­na­tion to prove that he can lift any other skirt he wants. “Any­thing that Thomas does is to numb the pain, just like we do in life when it’s over some­thing we can’t have,” ex­plains Pier­son. And even be­fore he makes his bet, his flir­ta­tion with Ivy has veered into ha­rass­ment on Thurs­day 8 De­cem­ber. “I need to ad­mit that when I was de­sign­ing this dress, I may have been fan­ta­sis­ing a lit­tle bit. I hope you don’t mind,” he oozes at her. “I get to see ev­ery de­tail, ev­ery inch of fab­ric, ev­ery line that I drew wrapped around your body. And I can’t help my­self.” On Fri­day 9 De­cem­ber, Ivy warns Thomas that he can’t just kiss her. The fact that she didn’t scream or slap him doesn’t mean that she’s giv­ing him per­mis­sion – she’s just try­ing to be pro­fes­sional.

Un­de­terred, Thomas hears op­por­tu­nity knock­ing when Wy­att is forced to go away on busi­ness on Mon­day 12 De­cem­ber, es­pe­cially when a storm sends Ivy run­ning into his arms on Wed­nes­day 14 De­cem­ber. And while they don’t go all the way that night, Thomas can tell it’s just a mat­ter of time be­cause he knows and she knows and we all know that Ivy is just set­tling for Wy­att. Ouch!

Wy­att warns Ivy to steer clear of Thomas while he’s away on a busi­ness trip, and Thomas sets about try­ing to se­duce Ivy when she stays at the For­rester man­sion. Liam pro­poses to St­effy, and Ivy lets Thomas kiss her. Zende ad­mits to Ni­cole that he wishes she wasn’t hav­ing a baby but he as­sures her that he’ll still sup­port her. Julius and Vivi­enne pre­pare to spend the Thanks­giv­ing hol­i­day in their de­press­ing ho­tel in ex­pen­sive Los An­ge­les, and Eric and Brooke tell Maya that she can in­vite her fam­ily to din­ner but it’s up to her. Rick later sug­gests to Eric that they put Stephanie’s por­trait back up in the For­rester Man­sion for Thanks­giv­ing. Pam’s hav­ing a melt­down in the kitchen, Thomas and Zende are smash­ing stuff in the man­sion, and the For­resters are in a hol­i­day mood. Eric later toasts the For­rester, Spencer and Avant fam­i­lies be­fore they con­tinue Hope’s tra­di­tion of say­ing some­thing nice about the guest to their right, but some of the guests con­fuse “nice” with be­ing pas­sive ag­gres­sive or snide.

Ivy’s guy Wy­att is out of town. St­effy (left) isn’t pleased about Thomas try­ing to se­duce Ivy.

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