Princess power

Kuti has taken his wife Princess for granted for the last time.

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“For the long­est time, I have asked the writ­ers when Princess is go­ing to wake up and smell the cof­fee,” says Tempy Pushas (2013- cur­rent) ac­tress Tumi Ngumla. “It felt like my char­ac­ter was be­com­ing ba­sic and bor­ing and I hated that. Princess was the girl next door – sweet and obe­di­ent. She could eas­ily be the wife who is bare­foot and preg­nant in the kitchen.” Now Tumi is get­ting her wish be­cause on Fri­day 16 De­cem­ber, Princess’s hus­band Kuti (Fezile Makhanya) plants the seed of her re­bel­lion when he goes be­hind her back to re­place her as the head de­signer of fash­ion la­bel Three. It’s go­ing to open Princess’s eyes to just how lit­tle he val­ues the sup­port­ing role that she has played in his life and we’re go­ing to see her fi­nally fight back. Kuti isn’t en­tirely wrong in want­ing to make a change. It’s be­come clear lately that work­ing as the head de­signer for Dot.Kom (Sibulele Gcil­it­shana) at fash­ion la­bel HOF and hold­ing the same po­si­tion at Three is spread­ing Princess too thinly. And per­haps she’s been do­ing bet­ter cre­ative work for HOF be­cause, iron­i­cally, cer­ti­fied lu­natic Dot.Kom is a bet­ter boss to Princess than Kuti has been. “Pro­fes­sion­ally and ar­tis­ti­cally, it’s the per­fect thing for her to be head de­signer for the com­pany. She is given lee­way and she gets fi­nal word, which is some­thing that she never got from Kuti in the pre­vi­ous years,” ex­plains Tumi. “Kuti has al­ways acted su­pe­rior. He is al­ways the boss. Dot.Kom gives Princess a lot of lee­way to ex­plore and do as she pleases.” But Kuti should lis­ten to his best mate Ngu­lube’s (Akhumzi Jezile) warn­ing Princess is go­ing to strike back when she finds out what Kuti’s done to her on Fri­day 30 De­cem­ber. “She goes to the spot they’ve got­ten for the new pop-up shop and when she’s there, Qaqa, who’s the new head de­signer, blurts it out as­sum­ing that she knows,” re­veals Tumi. And from that point, Kuti can kiss her good­bye. “Princess has al­ways had Kuti’s back, even when she shouldn’t have. She left her fam­ily and aban­doned her brother be­cause of this man she loves so much. And then you think of what he’s put her through: he’s cheated, he’s left her out to dry and she’s al­ways stood by his side. She’s been wait­ing for that mo­ment to let the re­la­tion­ship go and this is the fi­nal strike against it. She is done. She pulls her­self to­gether and says, ‘ Yes, I love this man but I de­serve bet­ter’.”

Tumi be­lieves that Kuti has blown it for good with Princess now. “When I look at what’s hap­pen­ing between them, it would have to be some kind of magic trick to get her to be on his side again. Now she doesn’t want to give up stuff for any­body; she wants to stand up for her­self.” Tumi adds with glee that “the trans­for­ma­tion from this lit­tle girl to this pow­er­house that’s she’s turn­ing her­self into is mirac­u­lous. It’s beau­ti­ful and it’s about time!”

Princess is tak­ing back her crown and find­ing her hap­pi­ness again.

Kuti’s self­ish dou­ble-cross­ing de­stroys his marriage.

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