That’s shock­ing!

Ivy should re­mem­ber what hap­pened to poor cousin Aly be­fore she pushes St­effy to at­tempted mur­der!

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St­effy For­rester (Jac­que­line MacInnes Wood) is about to be taught the price of med­dling in af­fairs that don’t con­cern her… again! De­spite St­effy’s fi­ancé Liam (Scott Clifton) beg­ging her not to in­ter­fere, on Thurs­day 22 De­cem­ber St­effy tat­tles to Liam’s brother Wy­att (Darin Brooks) about his lover Ivy’s (Ash­leigh Brewer) sup­posed fling with St­effy’s brother Thomas (Pier­son Fodé) on Wed­nes­day 14 De­cem­ber. Re­mem­ber how in­sanely an­gry Aly For­rester (Ash­lyn Pearce) was when she at­tacked St­effy with a tyre iron on Wed­nes­day 10 Au­gust? Ivy is al­most that an­gry and con­fronts St­effy on Mon­day 26 De­cem­ber. And some­how Ivy also “trips” into what looks like a fa­tal fall – just how Aly did on Thurs­day 11 Au­gust when she hit her head on a rock and died dur­ing a fight with St­effy. It’s start­ing to look sus­pi­cious.


On Mon­day 26 De­cem­ber, Ivy cor­ners St­effy back­stage on the For­rester run­way, ig­nor­ing the elec­tri­cians who’re try­ing to fix a fault in ex­posed wiring. When St­effy tries to walk away, Ivy grabs her arm and rants, “You just push me and you push me.” St­effy then phys­i­cally pushes Ivy… into the live ca­bles! “We have to sur­prise peo­ple. We have to kill peo­ple and do the un­ex­pected,” says exec pro­ducer Brad Bell. And what could be more un­ex­pected – and in­crim­i­nat­ing – than St­effy claim­ing to have “just pushed” an­other of her cousins?


St­effy screams for help as she pulls a lightly toasted Ivy from the wires on Tues­day 27 De­cem­ber. Aside from her gen­uine de­sire not to hurt Ivy phys­i­cally, St­effy knows just how bad this will look. She’s right, be­cause at the hospi­tal Liam im­me­di­ately begs, “What I need from you is to look me in the eyes and say that the rea­son Ivy is in that hospi­tal bed has noth­ing, lit­er­ally zero, to do with you.” If only she could. But on Thurs­day 29 De­cem­ber, after he cor­ners her into con­fess­ing, Liam rants at St­effy, “Why would you push Ivy into an elec­tric panel you knew was hot? [live]” And when St­effy says that she didn’t mean to hurt Ivy, he snaps, “Like how you didn’t mean to hurt Aly?”

Get­ting into a fight with St­effy is a bad idea. Ivy isn’t the first For­rester to be left in a heap by St­effy.

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