26 – 30 DE­CEM­BER

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Sum­mer and Luca have sex, Billy con­fronts Vic­to­ria about get­ting him fired, and Luca later fires Adam. Prison doc­tor Mered­ith Gates tries to con­vince Vic­tor to rec­on­cile with his fam­ily, and at Fairview, Patty Wil­liams tells Dy­lan that she was try­ing to pro­tect “the baby” from Dr An­der­son. Sharon and Sage ques­tion Patty and Nurse An­gela about the night of Sully’s birth, and Sage finds out that An­gela wasn’t just the nurse who told her that baby Chris­tian had died, she was also once Dr An­der­son’s pa­tient. Abby then mis­car­ries after Max trips her down stairs.

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