Lit­tle change

Din­tle’s pri­or­i­ties shift from bling and big bucks to baby, baby, baby!

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Last year in Septem­ber, view­ers had a good laugh with Ma­paseka Koe­tle about the pos­si­bil­ity of Din­tle be­ing a mom. “I doubt she will be a good mother… un­less maybe she finds Jesus,” she told tvplus at the time. Ma­paseka pointed out that in 2013, Din­tle gave up her baby Mot­shabi to Tino and Erin (Clint Brink and Lor­cia Cooper) “and she hasn’t been ask­ing about where that baby is”. And while Din­tle is known for be­ing full of sur­prises, we could never have pre­dicted how her new baby daugh­ter is chang­ing her now…


“View­ers will get to see that Din­tle is a mother now and it’s not like, ‘Oh, I want to get rid of this baby so I can live my life.’ There’s a huge change,” re­veals Ma­paseka. “She is calm now. She thinks of other peo­ple, she’s not as self­ish as she was. I think even Layla (Natasha Suther­land) sees that. Peo­ple will see a dif­fer­ent side of her. She’s not com­pletely changed; she’s not a young Malet­satsi (Joyce Skefu),” laughs Ma­paseka. “But she is just calm and she’s self­less.” As a new mom her­self (Ma­paseka’s baby daugh­ter was born in Septem­ber 2016), the actress adores play­ing this new side to her char­ac­ter. “Even though we’re dif­fer­ent, it’s so nice be­cause her and I are in the same boat be­cause we are so in love with our baby girls.”


But while Din­tle is over the moon about her bun­dle of joy, the new baby comes at a ter­ri­ble price – heart­break and home­less­ness. On Fri­day 3 March, Din­tle sud­denly finds her­self booted out onto the street with her baby when her hus­band Mangi (Kag­iso Modupe), draws the line at rais­ing an­other man’s child. “It’s not even about her not hav­ing a place to stay at this mo­ment. It’s about the way she leaves be­cause of her lies and the man she loves kicks her out. Peo­ple will see that she does have a heart be­cause she’s cry­ing and not think­ing about the money any­more. You know when some­thing is raw? She’s just bare. You can see it. It’s the first time we see her dis­play her feel­ings like that.”


With a baby to take care of though, Din­tle quickly dries her own tears and makes a plan – good­bye hus­band, hello baby­daddy! “She’s a fighter and doesn’t waste time. She goes straight to the pent­house with her bags and her baby to tell Quin­ton (Brighton Ngoma), ‘You know what? Mangi kicked me out, so we are here’.” In a way, it will make things eas­ier for Quin­ton, who’s re­ally wary of throw­ing child sup­port money her way in case it be­comes fancy dress sup­port money. As for how Quin­ton’s go­ing to ac­count for his new guests, well, that’s on him. We’ll be watch­ing the baby­daddy tak­ing on his fam­ily and the pub­lic this fort­night with ea­ger, hand-rub­bing cu­rios­ity.


Din­tle is de­lighted to find her­self back at the heart of the Ny­athi fam­ily. “She doesn’t have to ask for any­thing, she doesn’t have to ma­nip­u­late any­one to get what she wants. She has the power now and the power is the baby. As long as the baby is around, Din­tle is back,” says Ma­paseka. But Din­tle is strangely un­sat­is­fied. “She’s happy that ob­vi­ously Quin­ton has money, so she’s at least as­sured that her baby will be taken care of. But she al­ways wanted to stay in the pent­house with Mangi, not with Quin­ton,” ex­plains Ma­paseka. “This is the first time that the view­ers will ac­tu­ally see that Din­tle has a heart and she re­ally, re­ally loves Mangi. She moves into the pent­house and drama starts…” That drama will in­clude a de­light­fully Din­tle-style spark of mis­chief as one close fam­ily mem­ber tries to bribe her to leave town!

Din­tle is stunned by Mangi kick­ing her out.

Quin­ton’s got a new kid… and a new girl­friend.

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