Death in The Deep

Obak­eng’s miss­ing and his mom Nina is cer­tain that he’s dead.

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The Deep may be a small min­ing town but it’s never short of shocks, like on Thurs­day 2 March. She­been boss Nina (Khabon­ina Qubeka) all but falls apart when she comes to the har­row­ing con­clu­sion that her son Obak­eng (Anga Makubalo) may be dead! “Nina’s stumped when Obak­eng doesn’t re­turn home fol­low­ing a busi­ness trip. She goes out to look for him but he’s nowhere to be found. She’s dis­tressed and starts to lose her mind…” says Khabon­ina.


As news fil­ters through town on Thurs­day 2 March, one of the first to learn of Obak­eng’s demise is his preg­nant baby­mama Kamo (Mak­gotso M) when she is sent con­do­lences by shady money- laun­der dealer Morongwa (Sosy Run-kqu). Kamo heads to Nina to find out more and Khabon­ina says that “Kamo is dis­traught. She starts to go through all the pos­si­bil­i­ties of what life will be like with­out a father for her un­born child”. But Nina and Kamo aren’t alone in their mourn­ing – there is also Obak­eng’s girl­friend Aphiwe (Khanya Mkangisa). “She is to­tally dev­as­tated, heart­bro­ken and has no­body to turn to in her time of need,” ex­plains Khabon­ina.

Grampa Bra Ge­orgie (Dar­ling­ton Michaels) also takes the news badly on Wed­nes­day 8 March. Khabon­ina adds that “Ge­orgie re­cently ac­cepted Obak­eng into his life and they were be­com­ing close. Ge­orgie mourns in pri­vate but it’s a very dif­fi­cult thing for him to come to terms with.”


Nina is ab­so­lutely cer­tain that her son is dead on Thurs­day 9 March de­spite there still not be­ing any ev­i­dence – es­pe­cially a body! “The rea­son Nina is sure that Obak­eng is dead is be­cause she feels a spir­i­tual con­nec­tion to her son. She feels that his pres­ence is no longer on this Earthly plane,” ex­plains Khabon­ina. “How­ever, that’s just Nina

go­ing in­sane – no­body knows where Obak­eng re­ally is.”

Mak­ing matters worse, Nina feels guilty be­cause she thinks she was too hard on Obak­eng and pos­si­bly chased him away when he left in Jan­uary 2017. “Nina had just met her son and now she’s lost him. She feels an­gry at her­self for not be­ing a good mom and thinks some higher power is pun­ish­ing her by tak­ing Obak­eng away for all the bad that she did,” says Khabon­ina.


To hon­our Obak­eng, Nina goes into mourn­ing with preg­nant Kamo on Fri­day 10 March and the pair plan a me­mo­rial. “Nina’s hasty in do­ing the me­mo­rial and while pre­par­ing, she de­fies cer­tain as­pects of the African cul­ture and this out­rages the com­mu­nity,” re­veals Khabon­ina. But Nina is de­ter­mined to grieve and mourn her son her way on Tues­day 14 March, with or with­out a body…

Obak­eng is miss­ing in ac­tion and causes panic at home. Kamo (left) gets bad news from Nina.

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