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TV Plus (South Africa) - - 1 MARCH -

Y&R (1973-cur­rent) fans will never for­get the haunt­ing sight of Sharon (Sharon Case) put­ting Sage’s (Kelly Sul­li­van) baby Chris­tian (Jamie and Alister To­bias) in her arms one last time as she died on Fri­day 6 Jan­uary this year. Both women had found out that same day that Sage’s baby Chris­tian’s death had been faked in July 2016 so that in­sane Dr An­der­son (El­iz­a­beth Bo­gush) could give him to her psy­chi­atric pa­tient Sharon (as baby Sully) af­ter drug­ging Sharon and mak­ing her be­lieve that she was preg­nant. But Sharon is now be­ing haunted by Sage in a dif­fer­ent way.

Sharon, who’s still hold­ing onto that dread­ful baby-swap se­cret, has night­mares about Sage on Wed­nes­day 1 and Mon­day 6 March. And it’s made worse by the fact that she’s stopped tak­ing her bipo­lar dis­or­der meds. Things re­ally get scary on Fri­day 10 March when her daugh­ter Mariah (Cam­ryn Grimes), who is aware of the se­cret, re­alises that Sharon is walk­ing around see­ing Sage and she tries to make Sharon get help, only for Sharon to knock her out with a book­end, be­liev­ing that Mariah is Sage.

The vi­sions might go away if Sharon just owned up. But that would start a whole new night­mare – since Sharon’s hus­band Dy­lan (Steve Bur­ton) be­lieves that he’s the dad, Sharon be­lieves that Sage’s wid­ower Nick (Joshua Morrow) is the real fa­ther – and Sage went to her grave af­ter telling Nick’s half-brother Adam New­man (Justin Hart­ley) that he was Chris­tian’s bi­o­log­i­cal fa­ther. “She feels she has to say the truth. But then she has al­ways stopped from do­ing that, be­cause she thinks: ‘How? How am I go­ing to say the truth? What will be the fall­out? When she goes to do it, she thinks that there is no way that she can,” ex­plains actress Sharon Case. NB! See more on p31.

Oops – Sharon mis­takes Mariah for Sage and knocks her out cold.

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