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Love, lies and lives come crashing to­gether in Imposters.

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One face, four aliases and a trio of con­fused ex-spouses with two things in com­mon: they’ve been robbed of their money and their hearts in dark com­edy Imposters (2017- cur­rent). Mad­die Jon­son (In­bar Lavi) is the face of a con-artist team sent on as­sign­ments by the mys­te­ri­ous “Doc­tor” (Ray Pros­cia) and it’s her task to woo and wed their tar­gets. “I love how cre­ative she is and how much fun she’s hav­ing,” says Is­raeli-born In­bar. “It doesn’t mat­ter if she’s Mad­die or Ava, Alice, CeCe or Saf­fron [her names so far], she’s al­ways 10 steps ahead of who­ever is across from her.”


Hubby #1 Richard (Parker Young) is a failed ath­lete-turned- car sales­man whose pretty-boy looks com­pen­sate for his lack of smarts. He started this cat-and-mouse game when he tracked down his re­place­ment in episode 1…

Hubby #2 Ezra (Rob Heaps) is a rich kid who’s shat­tered by “the one” leav­ing him. He even tried to hang him­self in the first episode, but now he’s fu­elled by re­venge and he wants Mad­die to pay for her crimes.

Boyfriend #1 Banker Gary Heller (Aaron Dou­glas) hires Mad­die (as Saf­fron) as his PA and she has him wrapped around her lies by episode 3 (18 March). But things take an ugly turn in episode 4 (25 March) af­ter Gary spots his lady love with…

Boyfriend #2 Tech rich guy Pa­trick (Stephen Bishop) is Mad­die’s break from her lies. For the first time, she’s her­self be­cause he’s not her mark (yet) – Pa­trick is just a charmer she met in a cof­fee shop, but he could cost her and her team more than they can af­ford.

Wife #1 Jules (Mar­i­anne Rendón) helps Ezra and Rich find “their” wife with a few cons of her own.


Keep an eye out at the end of episode 3: Uma Thur­man (Beatrix Kiddo in the Kill Bill movies, 2003 and 2004) is in fine mur­der­ing form as ruth­less con­tract killer Lenny Co­hen.

From left Pa­trick, Jules, Richard, Mad­die, Ezra and Mad­die’s con team Sally and Max (Kather­rine LaNasa and Brian Ben­ben).

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