Keep­ing Score

Le­hasa’s on a mis­sion to get rid of his step­dad Tiny for good.

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Mack (Tshepo Ra­ma­sia) might’ve only been an ac­com­plice in fel­low ath­lete Isaac’s (Sipho Nkuna) mur­der last year, but he’s the one who took the fall and was thrown in jail in De­cem­ber 2016. Now fed up with life be­hind bars for some­thing he didn’t ac­tu­ally do, he’s ready to turn on the real killer – Tiny (Lucky Khoza). And he’s got the per­fect op­por­tu­nity: Tiny’s step­son Le­hasa (Siyabonga Se­po­tokele) is dig­ging for dirt to get Tiny out of his fam­ily’s lives.


Le­hasa isn’t fo­cussed on sav­ing Mack though. If some­one ben­e­fits from him get­ting Tiny away from his mom Mmamosa (So­nia Mbele), so be it. Le­hasa hired a PI off­screen in Fe­bru­ary to tail Tiny and Le­hasa learnt that his “lov­ing and kind” new step­dad was there when Isaac was mur­dered. “If Le­hasa can link Tiny to the crime, he can black­mail him to leave town,” says Siya. At least that’s what he’s plan­ning. “Le­hasa vis­its Mack in prison [on Tues­day 28 March] with a stack of pho­tos of Tiny that he’s printed from Face­book and he asks the con­vict, ‘How is he [Tiny] con­nected to the mur­der?’” Siyabonga ex­plains.


Mack is cagey at first and Siya ex­plains that “he doesn’t want to an­swer the ques­tions, so Le­hasa tries to pro­voke him and make him an­gry. Mack ends up call­ing the prison guards to take Le­hasa away.” Back in his cell, Mack calms down and re­alises that it’s not Le­hasa he’s an­gry with – he needs to di­rect his rage at Tiny. Later on Tues­day 28 March, he changes his tune and lets Le­hasa know that he’s ready to play ball and re­veal all.

“Mack ex­plains that Tiny was the one who ac­tu­ally mur­dered Isaac,” Siyabonga ex­plains. “But there’s a snag – Mack makes it crys­tal clear to Le­hasa that he can’t go to the cops with this new info as it will land Mack in even more trouble. He and Tiny used to deal drugs to­gether.” Siyabonga says that’s into not a prob­lem for his char­ac­ter be­cause Le­hasa doesn’t want the police in­volved right now. “He just wants ev­i­dence to black­mail Tiny, who he knows is trouble, and it looks like he’s got what he wants. Le­hasa can’t wait to get rid of him!”

Tiny’s in trouble thanks to his face­book pho­tos. Mack (right) gives Le­hasa the ammo he needs to take down Tiny.

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