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There’s no hon­our among thieves as one of Gadaffi’s hench­men sells him out to the Rus­sians…

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Crim­i­nal thug Cosmo (Ron­nie Nyakale) never thought there would be bad blood be­tween him and his gang­ster boss Gadaffi (Vuyo Dab­ula) af­ter Cosmo hung up his bad-boy boots and opened a fast­food restaurant in late Jan­uary 2017. Their bond and broth­er­hood’s al­ways been strong… un­til Thurs­day 15 March when Gadaffi’s beaten up and left bleed­ing in the street. He im­me­di­ately sus­pects that Cosmo sold him out and told Gadaffi’s Rus­sian con­nec­tions that he’d mur­dered a Rus­sian mob sol­dier on Thurs­day 9 March. “Gadaffi thinks that it’s Cosmo; it could only be him be­cause Cosmo knew all of his se­crets,” ex­plains Cor­lett Mat­seone, who plays Gadaffi’s new right-hand-man Yster.


Not re­al­is­ing that he’s speak­ing to the real traitor in his ranks, Gadaffi tells Yster on Thurs­day 16 March that he’s plan­ning to take re­venge on Cosmo for his at­tack. “But Yster is only out to pro­tect him­self,” ex­plains Cor­lett and he de­flects at­ten­tion from him­self by stir­ring a feud be­tween the old friends. He tells Cosmo about Gadaffi’s plan the next day on Fri­day 17 March. Never one to back down, Cosmo con­fronts Gadaffi and he’s pre­pared: he’s armed and not afraid to use his gun.

Luck­ily for the old friends, weapons aren’t drawn and they man­age to sort things out. “Cosmo prom­ises Gadaffi that he’d never cross him,” Cor­lett ex­plains, “and Gadaffi is sat­is­fied. They re­alise some­one else sold him out and re­solve to find who’s mess­ing with their lives. Cosmo goes dig­ging for the truth and he’s look­ing to­wards Yster.” Turns out it’s not that dif­fi­cult to get Cosmo blab­ber­ing his se­crets – in fact, all it takes on Wed­nes­day 22 March is a cou­ple of drinks. “Yster tells Cosmo that he’s joined the Rus­sian mob,” says Cor­lett. “Yster wants more money and power than Gadaffi. He doesn’t want to be ‘just a worker’. He wants to make big de­ci­sions and sit at the big ta­ble where all the money is. And he’s will­ing to see his boss go down in the process.” And how cheeky – Yster tries to get Cosmo to join him. “He wants to re­cruit Cosmo for the Rus­sians, but Cosmo is loyal to Gadaffi and won’t be­tray him that eas­ily,” Cor­lett adds.


On Mon­day 27 March, the Rus­sians are af­ter Gadaffi again and threaten to kill him this time. “The Rus­sians won’t hes­i­tate to chop you up into pieces if they have to and Gadaffi knows that. He’s scared. Gadaffi is ac­tu­ally ner­vous about this,” Cor­lett says. On Tues­day 28 March, Gadaffi takes things into his own hands and plans to leave town for a bit. “He’s deter­mined to re­gain his street cred and tak­ing out his vengeance is the way to go,” Cor­lett says. Bet­ter watch out, Yster…

Cosmo (left) gets Yster to spill the beans about who wants his friend dead.

Gadaffi’s left in pieces by the Rus­sians.

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