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One not-so-lit­tle se­cret is about to de­stroy Mok­gadi’s mar­riage.

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The Ma­putla fam­ily’s per­fect daugh­ter-in-law Mok­gadi (Pe­betsi Malaitja) is al­ways on top of her game. As Tur­floop’s most fear­less jour­nal­ist, she fights for the truth and holds the wrong ac­count­able for their ac­tions. But on Wed­nes­day 15 March, it seems like there are a few skele­tons in Mok­gadi’s closet. Her med­dling mother-in-law Meikie (Har­riet Manamela) is the first to sense ner­vous­ness about Mok­gadi, which arouses her sus­pi­cions. “Meikie’s right!” says Pe­betsi. “Mok­gadi’s hid­ing a se­cret that could tear her life apart.” She does ev­ery­thing she can to keep her in-laws and es­pe­cially her hubby Leeto (Eric Macheru) in the dark about it, but the truth al­ways has a way of com­ing out…


Mok­gadi re­alises on Thurs­day 16 March that Meiki is onto her and she be­comes in­creas­ingly para­noid, think­ing that every­one in the Ma­putla house­hold is watch­ing her like a hawk. “Her guilt is eat­ing her from the in­side,” ex­plains Pe­betsi. To cope, Mok­gadi calls in her mom Mary (Mot­shabi Tyelele), who’s al­ways been her ally and with whom her se­cret is safe. This move makes Meikie even more wary, as her re­la­tion­ship with Mary’s al­ready strained. Plus, Meikie spots the mother and daugh­ter hud­dled con­ver­sa­tion – even though they pre­tend ev­ery­thing’s fine – and she knows that some­thing’s go­ing on be­hind her back.

Leeto, who’s been busy feud­ing with his par­ents about their med­dling in his mar­riage again in early March, also picks up on his wife’s rest­less­ness on Fri­day 17 March. We know what Mok­gadi is hid­ing [we’ve been sworn to se­crecy about the rev­e­la­tion], but be­cause she can’t open up to her hubby or in-laws as that would let the cat out the bag, Mom Mary is her con­fi­dante – and she has to help deal with her daugh­ter’s anx­i­ety. “Mok­gadi feels trapped,” Pe­betsi ex­plains, “and deep down she blames her mom for what hap­pened in her past.” Mok­gadi lashes out at Mary on Tues­day 21 March in front of her stunned in-laws, who don’t know what to make of the spat. “The Ma­put­las are con­fused – they thought that Mok­gadi and Mary have al­ways had a great re­la­tion­ship. It’s a shock for every­one,” Pe­betsi adds.


That fight with Mary forces Mok­gadi into a re­al­i­sa­tion: she needs to come clean. The fam­ily gath­ers for her fa­ther-in-law John’s (Africa Tsoai) birth­day on Wed­nes­day 22 March and Mok­gadi reck­ons this is the per­fect op­por­tu­nity to get the big se­cret off her chest. But de­spite her ef­forts to be as diplo­matic as pos­si­ble in break­ing the news, it doesn’t go down well. “Of course Meikie makes a huge fuss about it,” says Pe­betsi. “She starts scream­ing, call­ing Mok­gadi all sorts of names. It’s chaos.” And Leeto is so dev­as­tated that he tells the fam­ily the next day, Thurs­day 23 March, that he wants a di­vorce. “He wishes that Mok­gadi told him be­fore shar­ing the news with every­one at the party,” says Pe­betsi. “Leeto’s par­ents try to stop him from ru­in­ing his mar­riage, but it seems like he’s made up his mind.”


Ten­sions rise and by Tues­day 28 March, Leeto calls off all work on the house that he’s build­ing for him and Mok­gadi to live in to­gether. Mok­gadi is des­per­ate to hold on to her hus­band and Pe­betsi says that “she tries to talk to him and re­solve the mat­ter. But Leeto’s adamant that he wants to call it quits. He isn’t ready to for­give her.”

Leeto’s un­aware of the im­pend­ing drama… Mok­gadi’s rev­e­la­tion leaves her life in pieces. Mary tries to help her daugh­ter.

Nosy mother-in-law Meikie is speech­less.

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