The Story Of God

TV Plus (South Africa) - - 2 APRIL -

Sea­son 2 Na­tional Geo­graphic (*181) 20:05 Doc­cie

Actor Mor­gan Free­man is con­sid­ered “the god of film nar­ra­tion”, so it’s fit­ting that he re­turns for sea­son 2 of in­ves­tiga­tive doc­cie se­ries The Story Of God (2016 -cur­rent). “I have three ma­jor sub­jects that we’re go­ing to ex­am­ine [this sea­son] and they all have to do with us and God, death, re­demp­tion and a form of rein­car­na­tion that we em­brace, which is the idea of what hap­pens when you die, and where do you go?” says Mor­gan.

The three-episode sea­son fol­lows the 79-year-old around the world to Egypt, In­dia and Ti­bet, where “the pin­na­cles of faith be­gan”. Mor­gan adds that “we are search­ing for com­mon­al­i­ties, ba­si­cally, within re­li­gions and then there are all these ideas that peo­ple alive have asked them­selves. ‘What hap­pens when I die? Should I be good or is it okay for me to be evil? What does God look like?’ We took those ideas and ex­plored those in dif­fer­ent faiths around the world.”

The show doesn’t just look at ma­jor re­li­gions, but also other be­lief sys­tems and the peo­ple who’re lead­ing them, like in episode 1 when Mor­gan finds out more about peo­ple who con­sider them­selves “cho­sen ones” – ves­sels who have been picked by their gods to lead the con­gre­ga­tions. In episode 2 (9 April) the team dis­cov­ers how dif­fer­ent re­li­gions see the world af­ter death as well as how re­li­gions de­cide on good and evil. In the sea­son fi­nale episode 3 (16 April), Mor­gan asks every­day peo­ple on the street how they em­brace re­li­gion when there’s no de­fin­i­tive proof of God ex­ist­ing. And while the pro­duc­ers wanted him to avoid the topic, Mor­gan adds that “if you’re go­ing to talk about God and Heaven, you’re go­ing to have to talk about evil. We won­dered about the ex­is­tence of evil and why is it here?”

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