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TV Plus (South Africa) - - 9 APRIL -

Sea­son 6 (*194) 19:30 Com­edy

The mix-’n-match Pritch­ett-Dun­phy fam­ily are get­ting older, grow­ing up and be­com­ing wiser in sea­son 6 of sit­com Mod­ern Fam­ily (2009-cur­rent). But that doesn’t mean their mis­ad­ven­tures are any less hi­lar­i­ous, like these five laugh-out-louds mo­ments com­ing up…

Episode 2 (16 April) Jay (Ed O’Neill) 1

gives his tro­phy-wife Glo­ria (Sofía Vergara) a pot­tery bunny that he made her for their an­niver­sary. The look on her face when she throws it to the floor and there are no di­a­mond rings or neck­laces in­side is price­less.

Episode 6 (14 May) For­get bridezilla 2

– Claire (Julie Bowen) turns into Hal­loween-zilla to win the over­all Best Haunted House On The Street con­test (which isn’t even a real thing). In­stead of blood rain­ing down on trick-or-treaters, Claire’s hus­band Phil (Ty Bur­rell) wants rain­bows, uni­corns and sparkles.

Episode 9 (4 June) Trendy Mitch and 3

Cam (Jesse Tyler Fer­gu­son and Eric Ston­estreet) get a new white couch and for­bid ev­ery­one from even look­ing at it, lest their glo­ri­ous fur­nish­ing be des­e­crated by a philis­tine. But then Mitch’s homeless co-worker vis­its and turns it into her bed, obliv­i­ous to their shock.

Episode 16 (23 July) On­line video4

mes­sag­ing soft­ware Skype takes over when Claire’s stuck at the air­port and uses the soft­ware to con­nect with her fam­ily fol­low­ing a bust-up with her angsty el­dest child Ha­ley (Sarah Hy­land).

Sea­son fi­nale episode 24 (17 Septem5

ber) Phil’s out of town on busi­ness but he’s got a plan to at­tend daugh­ter Alex’s (Ariel Win­ter) high school grad­u­a­tion: RoboPhil. Phil sends a video-shar­ing ro­bot to take his place but things get out of hand when RoboPhil gets stuck in the loo.

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