So nasty! So rude! So NeNe!

There’s noth­ing nor­mal about Housewives Of At­lanta or its stand­out star NeNe Leakes.

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Scooch over! The Real Housewives Of At­lanta (2008- cur­rent) are mov­ing into your TV room thanks to in­ter­net stream­ing ser­vice ShowMax, who’ve added the first of the re­al­ity show’s nine sea­sons to their library. And all you need to know is that wher­ever NeNe Leakes is, drama’s sure to fol­low. She’s the show’s queen bee… and another B-word we’re not al­lowed to say here. NeNe is sassy, dra­matic and above all else, she tells it like it is – whether or not the oth­ers want to hear it. And no­body’s safe from NeNe’s ra­zor tongue in sea­son 1…


Who needs a Des­tiny’s Child song to get the party started when all it takes to get fingers snap­ping, lips smack­ing and eyes rolling is a name? “Shereé [Whit­field] and I have known each other for years but then I heard she was talk­ing about me be­hind my back and that’s a big no-no,” says NeNe. In episode 1, NeNe is lunch­ing with the other wives and tells them that af­ter a month of not talk­ing to each other, Shereé has in­vited her to a party. “When I walk in, they’re gonna be like, ‘Oh, damn, NeNe’s in the house – boom! Bam!’” She should’ve lis­tened to her bestie Kim Zol­ciak’s warn­ing: “I don’t see how this is go­ing to work or how they’re go­ing to in­ter­act. You can smell the ha­tred, you can see it from the other side of the room!”


New episode, new cat­fight… and it’s not go­ing to end pretty! NeNe is sit­ting down for brunch­ing with her pal Dwight in episode 2 but in­stead of be­ing a help­ing hand, oh no hunny – Dwight’s pour­ing petrol on the fire! “What’s this all about – jeal­ousy! And for what?” he tells her. “All you can do is pray for them!” That’s when NeNe The Nun shines through and sip­ping on wine she says that “we’re ac­tu­ally be­ing nice to her [Shereé] by pray­ing. We’re be­ing nice”. That’s prob­a­bly not what the bi­ble meant by “turn the other cheek”, but who cares – this is re­al­ity TV, folks – the more drama, the mer­rier the view­ing!

The Housewives (from left): Lisa, Shereé, NeNe, De­shawn and Kim.

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