Man on a mis­sion

Themba sides with Niki to keep Suf­fo­cate and Pu­leng apart…

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Themba’s (Sphamandla Dh­ludhlu) life is a mess and he wants to fix it by com­ing clean. He ar­rived on Fri­day 7 April to tell his sis­ter-in­law Pu­leng (Te­bogo Khalo) that he isn’t the fa­ther of her un­born child but that his brother Suf­fo­cate (Mduduzi Mabaso) is and he knows it’s the right thing to do – he blames him­self for ru­in­ing Pu­leng’s mar­riage to his brother, Sphamandla says. “Themba is in Pu­leng’s bad books,” he adds, but he’s head- over-heels in love with Pu­leng. Nei­ther Pu­leng nor Suffo want Themba around and that makes op­por­tu­ni­ties for a face-to-face with Pu­leng im­pos­si­ble. Then Themba chats to Suffo’s con­niv­ing ex-wife Niki (Nolo Phiri), who has a plan on Wed­nes­day 12 April that may mean Themba will never have to have the heart-to-heart convo and might win his girl af­ter all…


Niki knows that if Themba comes clean about not be­ing the fa­ther, it will ruin her chances of get­ting back with Suffo and that’s some­thing she des­per­ately wants. Niki also knows that Themba is re­luc­tant to come clean to Pu­leng “be­cause he’s ob­sessed with Pu­leng and wants to start a fam­ily with her,” Sphamandla says. Re­veal­ing that Suffo is the dad will send Pu­leng right back to the for­mer gang­ster, so Niki sells Themba “the dream”: they keep the pa­ter­nity se­cret and Themba gets his love. Suf­fi­ciently swayed by Niki’s plan, “Themba won’t be dis­ap­pear­ing un­til he has Pu­leng. He’s will­ing to fight for Pu­leng and de­stroy his re­la­tion­ship with Suffo,” says Sphamandla.


But Niki only fends for her­self and on Thurs­day 13 April, she vis­its Suffo to “sup­port” him now that Themba’s in town. “She knows that Suffo isn’t cop­ing with his brother around and she of­fers her help,” ex­plains Sphamandla. Not only does Niki cosy up to Suffo, she goes gloat­ing about it to Pu­leng on Fri­day 14 April, tak­ing ad­van­tage of the cur­rent bad patch the spouses are hav­ing. There’s no stop­ping Niki and on Thurs­day 20 April she lies to Suffo about Pu­leng and Themba’s “re­la­tion­ship. “It’s all just a game to Niki. She’s play­ing with ev­ery­one’s lives to get what she wants,” says Sphamandla. But as al­ways, you don’t al­ways like what you get…

Themba tries to worm his way into Pu­leng’s heart.

Niki talks Suffo into get­ting over Pu­leng.

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