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Seven rea­sons you need to binge­watch de­tec­tive show Cas­tle.

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How does au­thor Richard Cas­tle (Nathan Fil­lion) fin­ish his mys­tery nov­els in eight-sea­son ac­tion show Cas­tle (2009-2016)? He shad­ows New York po­lice and watches what they do. “My char­ac­ter has writer’s block and thanks to cir­cum­stances, he is part­nered with this de­tec­tive Kate Beck­ett (Stana Katic), this in­tel­li­gent, driven woman who won’t fall for his tricks, his charm and he finds her very at­trac­tive,” laughs Nathan. With the first seven sea­sons avail­able on in­ter­net stream­ing ser­vice ShowMax, here are seven rea­sons you can’t skip Cas­tle…


Nathan is an ab­so­lute hoot and fans of sci-fi show Fire­fly (2002-2003) will back it up. The 45-year- old’s got per­fect com­edy tim­ing, he’s easy on the eyes and that coif – who styles the man’s hair? Book us an ap­point­ment now!


Richard isn’t what you’d call con­ven­tional. He’s like Jonny Lee Miller’s char­ac­ter Sher­lock Holmes in ac­tion drama series El­e­men­tary (2012- cur­rent; the first four sea­sons are on ShowMax) – he’s doesn’t al­ways do things by the book but he gets the job done, often mak­ing his NYPD col­leagues look silly.


They’re catch­ing crim­i­nals side-by-side but you can spot the tell-tale “of­fice ro­mance” a mile off. And just when you think they’re about to smooch… sur­prise! An­other case drops in their laps. That means wait­ing an­other episode un­til they ad­mit hav­ing the hots for each other. And then an­other… and an­other… it’s go­ing to be a while un­til they pro­fess their love. Un­til then, let’s give them an­noy­ingly cute cou­ple nick­names like Cas­kett or Be­tle…


When Cas­tle goes home at night, he’s got a fam­ily wait­ing for him. So it’s not just a cop show about cops do­ing cop things. There’s the fam­ily unit adding to the dy­namic and keep­ing Cas­tle on his toes are his teen daugh­ter Alexis (Molly C Quinn), who’s deal­ing with boy drama and what to study at col­lege, as well as his ac­tress mom Martha (Su­san Sul­li­van, Kitty in sit­com Dharma & Greg, 1997-2002), who’s still keep­ing her “lit­tle boy” on the straight and nar­row.


Cas­tle and Beck­ett don’t just do the crime solv­ing on their own. Beck­ett has a team that in­cludes

Javi Es­pos­ito (Jon Huer­tas), an ex-Army Spe­cial Forces sol­dier who’s a homi­cide cop now, as well as Javi’s former nar­cotics- de­tec­tive bestie Kevin Ryan (Sea­mus Dever). And giv­ing Beck­ett some sis­terly ad­vice is her pal Dr Lanie Par­ish (Ta­mala Jones), who’s also the team’s go-to med­i­cal ex­am­iner and Javi’s love in­ter­est.


Where else will you get lead char­ac­ters go­ing drop­ping one lin­ers like this: Cas­tle: Prom­ise not to hate me.

Beck­ett: I al­ready hate you. Or some­thing like Beck­ett telling a smit­ten Cas­tle, “Call me your muse again and I’ll break your legs”. It’s a love-hate-love-hate re­la­tion­ship that keeps on delivering.


Okay, that’s a joke. Cas­tle’s all about adding a hu­mor­ous twist to the drama on­screen. And on top of that, you don’t need to have seen all the episodes to fol­low the sto­ry­line. Each in­stal­ment is a new case and you can pick up on the un­der­ly­ing re­la­tion­ship pretty eas­ily.

Cas­tle and his love-in­ter­est De­tec­tive Beck­ett are keep­ing the streets of New York crime free.

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