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We take a look through Nor­man’s peep hole to see what’s up in the creepy new sea­son of Bates Mo­tel.

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Right from the start, Bates Mo­tel (2013- cur­rent) fans have been wait­ing for the plot to fol­low Psy­cho, the 1960 film on which it’s based. Nor­man (Fred­die High­more) kills his mother Norma (Vera Farmiga) and pre­serves her corpse, then driven by his al­ter­na­tive per­son­al­ity of the sex­u­ally re­pres­sive “Mother”, Nor­man mur­ders Mar­ion Crane (pop­star Ri­hanna) when she arouses him and there­fore rouses Mother’s fury. So when Nor­man offed his mom at the end of sea­son 4 in May 2016, we knew it wasn’t the end of her. But pre­dictable isn’t bor­ing – the show shocks the most by be­ing touch­ing at its most grotesque, like when Nor­man rests his head on the lap of his mom’s frozen corpse in the sea­son 5 pre­mière on Wed­nes­day 5 April. Even when we think that we know it all, we don’t!


With Bates Mo­tel ar­riv­ing at the shock- ing events from Psy­cho at last, series co- cre­ator and writer Kerry Ehrin warns that “this fi­nal sea­son isn’t go­ing to be a retelling of Psy­cho, but it is go­ing to travel through Psy­cho. We are go­ing to see cer­tain things from the film, cer­tain char­ac­ters and scenes, but you are also go­ing to see things you didn’t see in the movie. You’re go­ing to see things that were off­screen. It’s like a col­li­sion.”


For ex­am­ple, from sea­son 1, the series has made a point of lay­ing the “what­ever is wrong with Nor­man” is­sue at the feet not just of a smother-mother, but an abu­sive dad too. And that will be pay­ing off as Bates Mo­tel twists the Mar­ion Crane/Sam Loomis (Austin Ni­chols) thread of the story. Not only do we have the ex­cite­ment of Ri­hanna as Nor­man’s in­fa­mous shower-mur­der vic­tim Mar­ion, but that scene it­self will be trans­formed with a nod and a wink in episode 6 (10 May), be­cause while Mother dis­ap­proves of Mar­ion, Nor­man him­self might dis­ap­prove of Mar­ion’s lover Sam even more. We can’t wait!

Ri­hanna as Mar­ion Crane. Nor­man and his frozen dead mama Norma.

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