The kings of chaos

The were­wolf-vam­pire­witch truce is un­der at­tack in The Orig­i­nals.

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Five years have passed on The Orig­i­nals (2013- cur­rent) since the Mikael­son vam­pire fam­ily were de­feated by su­per-vamp Mar­cel Ger­ard (Charles Michael Davis) in sea­son 3’s fi­nale in 2016. With Klaus Mikael­son (Joseph Mor­gan) and his clan out the way, Mar­cel has taken over as King Of New Or­leans, made peace with the witches and sub­dued the were­wolves. “The five-year time hop gave us time to ex­plore new story ideas,” ex­plains series cre­ator Julie Plec of sea­son 4, which has been cut from 22 to 13 episodes. “It al­lows us to show an older Hope [Sum­mer Fon­tana] and also Hayley Mar­shall [Phoebe Tonkin].”


Mar­cel’s reign might come crash­ing down as en­e­mies old and new creep into New Or­leans. “New vam­pires ar­rive to cel­e­brate the fall of Klaus,”

ex­plains Charles. “What they don’t know is that Klaus isn’t dead. He’s holed up in a dun­geon where Mar­cel has kept him alive since the de­feat.” The rest of Mikael­sons – Eli­jah (Daniel Gillies), Kol (Nathaniel Bu­zolic) and Freya (Riley Voelkel) – are in an eter­nal sleep and Hayley wants to re­vive them to find Klaus. “She wants her baby­daddy to take back New Or­leans and be a dad to Hope,” says Phoebe.


Hope is a clever girl, inheriting streets­marts from her mom and the good and bad bits of her dad, jokes Phoebe. But there’s rea­son for con­cern: Hope’s night­mare vi­sions that be­come re­al­ity hold dan­ger for those close to her and she may have some­thing to do with the ghost haunt­ings in New Or­leans…


Con­tain­ment’s (2016) Christina Moses steps in as bi­sex­ual were­wolf doc­tor Keelin, and Klaus’s dead lover Cami (Leah Pipes) is on the way back, “But we can’t say in what form yet…” teases Julie.

From left: Dav­ina, So­phie, Eli­jah, Mar­cel, Re­bekah, Hayley, Klaus and (Camille O’Con­nell.

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