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Mok­gadi’s mak­ing her way back into the Ma­putla house but mom-in-law Meikie wants her gone.

Af­ter a month of mar­i­tal mishaps, Mok­gadi (Pe­betsi Mat­laila) is on the road to re­pair­ing her messy life, start­ing by mak­ing amends with her hubby Leeto (Eric Maseru). He’s ac­cepted her olive branch and in­vites his wife to his par­ent’s home on Thurs­day 27 April. But Mok­gadi’s med­dling in-laws Meikie and John (Har­riet Manemela and Afrika Tsoai) are shocked to see her walk through the door and Pe­betsi says that “it’s crazy from the word go! Meikie does not want to see Mok­gadi in her house and she makes that clear to ev­ery­one”. Un­luck­ily, Meikie has met her match and Pe­betsi adds that “there’s no way Mok­gadi’s leav­ing Leeto again. She’s here to stay and this time, for good”.


The ten­sion in the Ma­putla house is as thick as city smog on Mon­day 1 May and Mok­gadi makes the sit­u­a­tion with her in-laws worse with her bomb­shell. She wants find her son that she gave up for adop­tion and hid from them. “It’s a show­down. Meikie thinks that it’s dis­re­spect­ful for Mok­gadi to bring her past into Leeto’s fu­ture and she tries to shut the idea down then and there,” says Pe­betsi. While the women in Leeto’s life are tear­ing each other’s worlds apart on Wed­nes­day 3 May, he chooses to sup­port Mok­gadi who’s been an emo­tional wreck since their sep­a­ra­tion in March 2017. “Leeto and Mok­gadi’s love has never been stronger and they re­alise that what they have is worth fight­ing for. He sup­ports his wife dur­ing this dif­fi­cult time as he doesn’t want to see life with­out Mok­gadi”.


Con­trol­ling Meikie hates that she can’t have her way when it comes to her son and her an­noy­ing daugh­ter-in-law. On Mon­day 8 May, John stands up for Mok­gadi though and that leaves his wife speech­less. “Like ev­ery­one else in the house, John’s tired of the fight­ing and he wants to see the war come to an end,” says Pebesti, who adds that her char­ac­ter tries to get on Meikie’s good side on Tues­day 9 May. “Meikie’s hav­ing none of it. She isn’t in­ter­ested in solv­ing their is­sues. In­stead, she wants to cre­ate con­flict be­tween Leeto and Mok­gadi and she won’t stop un­til Mok­gadi’s out!”

Mok­gadi (blue dress) and Meikie (far right) are at war yet again.

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