Preg­nant prob­lem

Pu­leng wants to get rid of Themba when she finds ev­i­dence that her ex-lover is also her stalker.

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Preg­nant Pu­leng (Te­bogo Khalo) is ter­ri­fied on Wed­nes­day 26 April af­ter her wash­ing goes miss­ing. It means that the stalker who’s been fol­low­ing her since Fri­day 21 April is get­ting closer and while she wants to tell the po­lice, her troubled baby­daddy and brother-in-law Themba (Sphamandla Dh­ludhlu) stops her. “He tells Pu­leng that she doesn’t have ev­i­dence to get the stalker ar­rested,” says Te­bogo, and Themba of­fers to pro­tect her. While Pu­leng’s ad­just­ing to hav­ing a “body­guard”, her ex-sis­ter-wife Niki (Nolo Phiri) isn’t sold on Themba’s good-guy act on Fri­day 28 April and con­fronts him for be­ing the stalker. “He takes of­fense to her ac­cu­sa­tions. Themba is good at hid­ing his sly ways and Pu­leng is obliv­i­ous,” adds Te­bogo.


As a per­sonal pro­tec­tor, Pu­leng grows to the idea of play­ing happy fam­ily with her brother-in-law once their baby ar­rives, but on Mon­day 1 May, she ac­ci­den­tally finds her un­der­wear in Themba’s jacket and “she’s livid! Pu­leng thinks that he’s crazy and be­lieves that her life is in dan­ger,” Te­bogo ex­plains. A wor­ried Pu­leng asks her es­tranged hubby Suf­fo­cate (Mduduzi Mabaso) on Wed­nes­day 3 May to get rid of his brother but “Suffo is con­fused. He wants to help but he doesn’t want to get close to Pu­leng as he’s still deal­ing with his brother fa­ther­ing his wife’s un­born child,” says Te­bogo, whose char­ac­ter cheated with Themba in Septem­ber 2016 when she and Suffo strug­gled to con­ceive. “Suffo tells her that he will help but his con­cern is to a new life with Niki,” says Te­bogo.


Pu­leng is out of ideas on how to get rid of Themba on Tues­day 9 May but he’s de­ter­mined to keep her close to him. “Themba asks Pu­leng to move in and when she re­jects him, he locks her in his house,” says Te­bogo. He is hold­ing Pu­leng hostage and the heav­ily preg­nant woman is overly anx­ious for her un­born baby’s life as she’s just days from giv­ing birth. Te­bogo adds that the sit­u­a­tion is wors­ened be­cause “Themba goes psy­cho. He doesn’t want to lose Pu­leng and that it drives him wild”.

Pu­leng (left) and Niki quickly learn just how shady Themba is.

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