Dou­ble trouble

Rhafiek’s twin Rhiyaaz ar­rives and he’s bring­ing drama.

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With My­moena (Jill Leven­berg) still in a coma fol­low­ing the car crash in March 2017 that killed Jerome (Danny Ross), her fi­nan­cial busi­ness­man son Rhiyaaz Sam­so­dien (An­ton Jeftha) re­turned to Ruiter­bosch on Mon­day 24 April af­ter hav­ing been over­seas work­ing in Lon­don since the show started in 2015. While Rhafiek (Ir­shaad Ally) is happy to see his sib­ling, he’s up­set that it’s taken so long for Rhiyaaz to visit his ail­ing mom. And in a case of art im­i­tat­ing life, An­ton too re­turned to SA from work­ing in Los An­ge­les for the role. We chat­ted to him on the set.

What were you do­ing in LA? I’d been in the US for about a year won­der­ing around the en­ter­tain­ment in­dus­try when the Suidooster team con­tacted me to play Rhiyaaz for a cou­ple of weeks. I jumped at the op­por­tu­nity be­cause it also gave me the chance to see my fam­ily in the Cape again. Was it easy to get into the swing of the show? [Laughs] I got to Suidooster in Fe­bru­ary and the first day was rough! I was in the US [a whole other time­zone] the day be­fore. But when you’re thrown in the deep-end, you have to swim. But I felt right at home – when you’re an ac­tor, you adapt. If not, the jobs dry up. We’ve never seen Rhiyaaz be­fore… He has a twin but they’re as dif­fer­ent as night and day. Don’t think that he’s go­ing to be a goodie-two-shoes like Rhafiek. He’s a bad-boy and he was liv­ing it up as a suc­cess­ful busi­ness­man in Lon­don. Rhiyaaz is reck­less but his fam­ily love him. He dropped the ball a bit and he lost his re­li­gious and fam­ily val­ues. So is he back for good? I don’t think so. He sees his fu­ture over­sees – Rhiyaaz thinks that he’s too big for Ruiter­bosch. Is that why it took so long to come to his mom’s bed­side? Par­tially, but he didn’t want to ac­cept that she was in a coma. He didn’t want to face that truth. He was pretty bro­ken up when he saw her for the first time on Tues­day 25 April… It was a huge shock for him. He wasn’t ex­pect­ing to see her like that, with the tubes and pipes and stuff. He also doesn’t want to go to mosque with his dad AB (Ced­wyn Joel). Rhiyaaz has lost his faith. Since liv­ing in Lon­don, he has changed his per­spec­tive on the Mus­lim way of life. And what are those pills that he’s pop­ping on Mon­day 8 May? He has one or two bad habits… one of them is his ad­dic­tion to med­i­ca­tion that he’s now able to get from his fa­ther’s phar­macy with­out AB know­ing.

Rhiyaaz (left) is back and bump­ing heads with his twin Rhafiek (right).

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