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The For­resters are fum­ing and full of ques­tions af­ter Brooke and Ridge’s wed­ding is called off. Quinn’s guilty con­science works over­time as Eric gath­ers the clan to fill them in on what’s gone wrong, and Katie taunts, threat­ens and pres­sures Quinn to tell Eric that she’s cheated on him with his son Ridge as Katie rev­els in her new-found power. Ridge begs Brooke to for­give him for his huge er­ror in judge­ment, and Dar­lita is in for the sur­prise of her life when she looks at the footage from Coco’s spy cam­era.


Salem’s cit­i­zens unite against Deimos and give him the lec­ture of a life­time, while Sonny and Chad agree that Deimos has to go. Paul asks Sonny to back down from his quest to de­stroy Deimos, and later Sonny and Paul hook up be­fore a night out on the town. Mar­lena and Kate share cock­tails and mem­o­ries, and Abby moans to JJ about Chad hang­ing around Gabi. Not ev­ery­one is in the mood to cel­e­brate as Chad and Abby re­new their vows, and Rafe is forced to take ac­tion against his fa­ther Ed­uardo. Rafe and Hope plot to “take care” of Deimos, and Nicole lashes out at sleazy Scooter for bring­ing up her adult movie days.


Cane is taken aback when Juliet is brought in as the li­ai­son for the Dare cam­paign with Lily, then he has a flash­back to his night in Tokyo with Juliet while won­der­ing what Juliet’s agenda is for chas­ing a job at Brash & Sassy. Glo­ria is schem­ing to force Chloe out of Kevin’s life but Michael tells her off when he re­alises what she’s up to, and Billy kisses Vic­to­ria and works at earn­ing her for­give­ness. Ash­ley won­ders whether she’s rob­bing the cra­dle when her re­la­tion­ship with Ravi deep­ens, Phyl­lis gives Ravi some solid ad­vice on court­ing Ash­ley, and Scott starts in­ves­ti­gat­ing Vic­tor’s past.

Quinn and Ridge have been up to no good.

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