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Want a peek in­side the trea­sure chest? Tropika Is­land Of Trea­sure (2008-cur­rent) di­rec­tor and head of post pro­duc­tion Lars Sch­winges (of Car­dova Pro­duc­tions) gave tv­plus an in­side look at how the game is made and played…

How long did the shoot take? The 11 episodes were shot in the Sey­chelles over 12 days. With eight cam­eras, that’s over 120 hours of footage and post pro­duc­tion on each episode took ap­prox­i­mately three weeks to com­plete. Which games caused the most con­fu­sion?

Strangely enough it was the eas­i­est one to setup – the dice puz­zle in episode 4 (on 17 April) re­ally took over an hour to com­plete. That’s eight hours of footage from the eight cam­eras… [Laughs] How did you shoot the con­tes­tants’ “talk

ing head” moments? Where pos­si­ble, we tried to shoot the di­ary com­ments di­rectly af­ter chal­lenges so that things were still fresh. We kept notes of sto­ry­line points as they un­folded dur­ing the chal­lenges and made sure to ask about these dur­ing the di­ary moments. Once you start see­ing the con­tes­tants as char­ac­ters, it’s easy to keep the nar­ra­tive. And if you could coach the con­tes­tants to do some­thing in front of the camera, what would it be? To speak in present tense in the di­ary moments! [Laughs] We needed them to speak that way so that their com­ments cut with the ac­tion. Some con­tes­tants re­ally strug­gled and needed con­stant prompt­ing, even af­ter a week of do­ing it ev­ery day.

NB! Check out face­­plus on Wednesday 24 May to see our in­ter­view with fab Tropika Is­land Of Trea­sure host Min­nie Dlamini and to find out lots more from Lars!

Di­rec­tor Lars Sch­winges and host Min­nie Dlamini (in­set).

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