Strow­man the show­man

Braun is lead­ing a new flock of ag­gres­sive WWE Su­per­stars.

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WWE Spe­cial Sun­day 28 May (*194) 13:00

“Any op­por­tu­nity the WWE gives me, I take the ball and run with it.” And boy, is Braun Strow­man run­ning. He’s gone from a sheep in the Wy­att Fam­ily to be­ing a cham­pion-de­stroy­ing, truck-flip­ping, ring- de­stroy­ing wrestling mon­ster!


The 33-year-old (whose real name is Adam Scherr) is 2.05m tall and 175kg – the only ac­tive wrestler phys­i­cally big­ger than him is Big Show (2.13m and 170kg). Be­fore join­ing the WWE in 2013, Braun was a World’s Strong­est Man com­peti­tor and he lit­er­ally throws op­po­nents around the ring like rag dolls… even Big Show. The be­he­moths ac­tu­ally broke the ring when they went to war on WWE Raw in mid-April and so­cial-media-lov­ing Braun posted to his Instagram ac­count@braun­strow­man.wwe: “I’ll re­mem­ber this night for the rest of my life! #ThankUBigShow”


Thanks to his pop­u­lar­ity as a vil­lain, Braun is al­ready a main-event draw – CEO Vince McMahon has him in a feud with “next big thing” Ro­man Reigns that could head­line WrestleMa­nia 34 in April 2018. And there’s noth­ing or­di­nary about their fights – Braun flipped an am­bu­lance with Ro­man in the back dur­ing Raw in April and at Pay­back on 30 April, Braun left Ro­man a bloody, limp­ing mess. Wrestling pun­dits like Sean Rueter from Ca­ge­ say that “you will be hard-pressed to find folks who didn’t think it [their match] was a great one”, not least be­cause the WWE Uni­verse is still peeved at Ro­man end­ing The Un­der­taker’s ca­reer at WrestleMa­nia 33 on Sun­day 2 April.


But while the man-mus­cle-moun­tain is a wild- eyed, un­con­trol­lable wrecking ball in the ring, out­side it’s a dif­fer­ent story. He loves WWE meet-and-greets with young fans. He goes fish­ing with his dad Rick, an ex-pro soft­ball player who was nick­named “Crusher” for hit­ting over 1 800 home-runs. And he loves cud­dling with his 11-year- old res­cue pit­bull. Not bad for the meanie that WWE Diva Char­lotte calls “one of the nicest guys you’ll meet”.

Braun Strow­man’s like a caged an­i­mal in the WWE ring.

Nice-guy Braun loves meet­ing fans, big and small.

He was a sheep in the Wy­att Fam­ily.

Braun flipped an am­bu­lance with ease.

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