Com­edy: Amer­i­can House­wife, Man With A Plan, Odd Cou­ple

Cookie-cut­ter per­fect isn’t every­thing in Amer­i­can House­wife.

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Katy Mixon has swapped her role as naive younger sis­ter Vic­to­ria in Mike & Molly (2010-2016) for some­thing for­eign to the 36-yearold: sassy sub­ur­ban mother Katie Otto on sit­com Amer­i­can House­wife (2016- cur­rent). And it only took four days to get her new gig af­ter Mike & Molly ended. “I’m just so op­po­site of what [she] Katie Otto is. So it’s fun to play. It’s what I wanted. I wanted to do a role that I’ve never done be­fore,” says ac­tress Katy.

Katie is brash, non-tra­di­tional and open-minded. And that ruf­fles feath­ers when she moves into up­per­class West­port, Con­necti­cut. Katie isn’t alone ei­ther – she’s bring­ing var­sity pro­fes­sor hubby Greg (Diedrich Bader) and their kids, sporty teen Tay­lor (Meg Don­nelly), lippy son Oliver (Daniel DiMag­gio) and Mommy’s Favourite youngest child Anna-Kat (Ju­lia But­ters), who’s OCD.

“[My Char­ac­ter] is in the midst of the sar­casm, in the midst of the cyn­i­cism, in the midst of the self- dep­re­ca­tion, she’s got a big heart. That’s what makes her so re­lat­able,” ex­plains Katy. Re­lat­able to view­ers but not to her new neigh­bours. They’re in for a rude sur­prise from episode 1 – Katie stresses about her weight when the sec­ond-fat­test house­wife moves out the sub­urb and Katie’s lined up to take the spot. Cue some quick think­ing and Katie tries to get a fat­ter lady to move in and take the spot. Greg isn’t any bet­ter when it comes to envy – he hates that as a pro­fes­sor, he can’t match the six-fig­ure salaries of the other West­port men. “It doesn’t mat­ter what gen­der you are or what back­ground you come from, ev­ery­body deals with in­se­cu­rity,” says Katy. “Ev­ery­body un­der­stands, for what­ever rea­son, what it’s like to not fit in or not do it right or not be per­fect. That’s why I’m a firm be­liever of our show. It’s not just per­tain­ing to housewives. It’s per­tain­ing to ev­ery sin­gle per­son in this world.”


1 In episode 10 (2 Au­gust), Katie is thrilled that Anna-Kat’s made a friend. But then she learns that OCD Anna-Kat’s pal is a klep­to­ma­niac…

2 For episode 12 (16 Au­gust), Oliver tells his friends that Katie and Greg are un­der­cover spies and liv­ing the sim­ple life to avoid sus­pi­cion.

3 And in episode 20 (11 Oc­to­ber), Katie tries to stop be­ing a wor­ry­wort and let lit­tle Anna-Kat walk to the library by her­self.

Meet the Otto fam­ily (from left): Oliver, Tay­lor, Katie, Greg and Anna-Kat.

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