Sci-fi: Time­less, Teen Wolf, Amer­i­can Gods

Three he­roes are hop­ping through time and space to save the world’s his­tory in Time­less.

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Time­less Sea­son 1 Satur­days (from 27 May) M-Net (*101) 18:30

What’s the best way for a bad­die to re­write his­tory? By go­ing to the past and ma­nip­u­lat­ing events, like in Time­less (20162017). Ex- NSA agent Gar­cia Flynn (Go­ran Višn­jic, John in sci-fi show Ex­tant, 2014-2015) steals an ex­per­i­men­tal time ma­chine and heads to 1937 – the year the Hin­den­burg air­ship blew up while dock­ing in the US. “I’m not say­ing that he’s not a bad guy,” says Go­ran. “But there is mys­tery. View­ers will un­der­stand the pay- off. I pre­fer to call him an ‘an­tag­o­nist’.”


Flynn’s plan is to save the air­ship so that it can re­turn to Europe and blow up there. “Peo­ple who didn’t die in the orig­i­nal, true 1937 will die. They won’t do the things that they’re meant to do. The world will change,” warns Con­nor Ma­son (Pater­son Joseph, Holy Wayne in sci-fi show The Left­overs, 2014-2017). His tech com­pany built the time ma­chine and he’s send­ing a team to stop Flynn.

1 Sergeant Wy­att Lo­gan (Matt Lan­ter, Liam in drama 90210, 2009-2013) is the re­luc­tant sol­dier (he’s griev­ing his dead wife still) who’s been sent to pro­tect the team and kill Flynn if that means sav­ing the mis­sion.

2 Lucy Pre­ston (Abi­gail Spencer, Aman­tha in drama Rec­tify, 20132016) is a his­tory pro­fes­sor who makes sure that they fit in with the times – es­pe­cially wardrobe-wise. “This is all wrong,” she says just be­fore they head to 1937. “This skirt is from the ’40s and they didn’t have this kind of fabric. Or un­der­wire bras, for that mat­ter.”

3 Ru­fus Car­lin (Mal­colm Bar­rett, Lem is sci-fi com­edy Bet­ter Off Ted, 2009-2010) is a Ma­son In­dus­tries tech pro­gram­mer who’s been sent by Con­nor to re­pro­gramme the ma­chine, nick­named “Lifeboat”, and bring it back. But there’s some­thing he’s not telling the oth­ers – and it’s some­thing only he can do for Con­nor.

(From left): Wy­att, Lucy and Ru­fus are sav­ing the world… in yes­ter­year.

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