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Le­hasa thinks that he’s got the bet­ter of Rachel, but her black­mail plan is go­ing to get cranked up a notch.

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She thought that she had him by the short and curlies, but busi­ness­man Le­hasa (Cedric Fourie) isn’t go­ing to let his stu­dent wait­ress Rachel (Le­sego Marakalla) get away with black­mail. She’s been look­ing for a “blesser” to fund her stud­ies since she started var­sity and now that schem­ing Rachel has dirt on Le­hasa – how he scammed busi­ness­woman Sonti (Pearl Maimela) with her nut busi­ness in March 2017 – she can al­most taste the money. But Le­hasa has a trick or two him­self to si­lence her.


While Le­hasa turned down Rachel’s sex­ual ad­vances in April, that was be­fore she knew about his busi­ness deals. Now Le­hasa must turn on the charm and on Fri­day 26 May, he pulls out all the stops – “He uses his good looks and a hint of money to ‘buy’ her si­lence,” ex­plains Cedric. “But that isn’t good enough for Rachel – she wants it all!” Le­hasa is sur­prised, but more than that, Rachel snub­bing him ter­ri­fies him. He now knows that he needs to take an en­tirely new ap­proach – giving her what she wants. Well, at least some… “But it’s still not enough for Rachel,” Cedric laughs. “She de­mands R500 000 [on Tues­day 30 May]. Le­hasa knows that this will just be the start – she’s go­ing to be de­mand­ing more later on.” The two are still bick­er­ing the next day, Wednesday 31 May, and Le­hasa be­gins to un­der­stand that there’s no other way – he’ll have to get rid of Rachel the hard and ex­pen­sive route. “His rep­u­ta­tion – and riches – are on the line and he has to put an end to this be­fore it all comes crash­ing down,” Cedric ex­plains.


What Rachel doesn’t re­alise is that Le­hasa “is not one to be played with”, says Cedric. On Thurs­day 1 June, the po­lice knock on Rachel’s door and haul her off on a charge of black­mail. She spends the week­end in jail and has a date with the judge on Mon­day 5 June. “She’s ter­ri­fied,” says Cedric. “Le­hasa’s al­ready plan­ning the next step in his at­tack: chas­ing off her fam­ily!”

No one will be smiling when this or­deal is done.

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