Thomas kid­naps baby Dou­glas af­ter find­ing out that he’s the bi­o­log­i­cal father, but Ridge won’t let go.

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Thomas For­rester (Pier­son Fodé) is a changed man. It’s out with the sexy mod­els and in with the cute boys – well, one boy in par­tic­u­lar: his baby “half-brother” Dou­glas (Abi­gail and Brielle Rivera). Thomas is be­sot­ted. But af­ter find­ing out from Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) that Dou­glas has a sur­ro­gate father on Mon­day 29 May, busy­body Katie (Heather Tom) gives Dou­glas’s mom Caro­line (Lin­sey Godfrey) a heavy nudge and dis­cov­ers that Thomas has no idea that he is Dou­glas’s bi­o­log­i­cal father. With Katie threat­en­ing to tat­tle to Thomas, it’s not long be­fore Ridge cracks. And on Wednesday 31 May, he tells his son that he knows that Thomas raped Caro­line in Septem­ber 2016. And when Ridge warns him that his ac­tions have con­se­quences, Thomas guesses the con­se­quence: Dou­glas is his son. Well, that ex­plains why daddy Ridge has been treat­ing Thomas like meat that fell be­hind the fridge.


Caro­line and Dou­glas are stuck in the mid­dle as father and son dig in their heels for a tug-of-war on Thurs­day 1 June. Thomas begs Ridge not to let Dou­glas grow up to find out one day – like Ridge him­self did – that the man who raised him isn’t his father. Thomas doesn’t want Dou­glas to have to ex­pe­ri­ence re­jec­tion and self- doubt when he fi­nally un­cov­ers the truth. Bold ham­mers home Thomas’s point on Mon­day 5 June when Ridge’s brother Rick (Jacob Young) tells his wife Maya (Karla Mosley) that Ridge’s mom Stephanie (Su­san Flan­nery) kept Ridge’s true pa­ter­nity a se­cret un­til Ridge was in his 40s (and as we know, Rick has been com­plain­ing that Ridge is “not even a For­rester” ever since).


But Ridge isn’t let­ting go of the mat­ter. “It’s not about steal­ing ba­bies; it’s about do­ing what’s best for the kid,” says Thorsten. “Ridge feels that he did the right thing and he doesn’t want to see this all come un­done.” Des­per­ate, Thomas snatches up baby Dou­glas and runs on Fri­day 2 June. But when Caro­line meets him at the For­resters’ Big Bear cabin on Mon­day 5 June and Thomas begs her to choose a father for Dou­glas, he’s ig­nor­ing the fact that he’s also ask­ing her to choose be­tween him and her mar­riage with Ridge… so he might not like her an­swer.

Caro­line and Ridge panic when Thomas snatches baby Dou­glas.

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