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Clau­dia wanted re­venge on her cheat­ing hubby Banzi and told him to get an HIV test, and Simi learnt that her love in­ter­est Za­mani was linked to Banzi’s thugs.

24 – 25 MAY

Jo­hannes is ea­ger to re­con­nect with his kids Mpumi and Za­mani but then he learns that they’re in­volved in the drug world. Simi re­alises that there’s no way to fix things with Za­mani be­cause she can’t trust him, and Kero is on a mis­sion to for­get about his mar­ried ex-girl­friend Clau­dia. Else­where, Ali is sur­prised to hear about Kero’s crim­i­nal past.

29 – 31 MAY

Jo­hannes is worried about Za­mani and tries to get his son to ditch Banzi’s gang, and Di­a­mond is eye­ing ex­pand­ing his drug busi­ness by get­ting more stu­dents ad­dicted. Jo­hannes starts drink­ing af­ter his talk with Za­mani blows up, and Ali later stops Za­mani from run­ning away. Za­mani’s friend Gad­get wants to leave the drug world and he be­trays Za­mani to buy his free­dom.

5 – 6 JUNE

The show couldn’t pro­vide episode syn­opses for 5 and 6 June.

Clau­dia’s given up hope with Banzi.

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