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PRE­VI­OUSLY Ex-con­vict Ace was de­ter­mined to win back his fam­ily and he started by pro­tect­ing his son-in­law Chris from a mur­der charge. Lu­lama quit af­ter a fight with Thandi, and preg­nant Aza­nia worried about her hubby Chris’s ad­dic­tion. 24 – 26 MAY

Uhuru asks his adopted-sis­ter lover Thandi to start afresh in the US while he’s work­ing on his in­ves­tiga­tive ar­ti­cle, and Aza­nia stands up for Chris when her med­dling mom Mam Gerty ques­tions Chris’s in­ten­tions. Lu­lama tries to make up with Thandi af­ter their ar­gu­ment, and later Lu­lama is ea­ger to get into Aza­nia’s good books and of­fers to be her baby’s god­mother ahead of Thandi. Thandi mean­while has to deal with an­other mys­tery gift at her door, and Aza­nia’s con­science is eat­ing her from the in­side when she starts hav­ing night­mares about Chris’s ar­rest. 29 MAY – 2 JUNE

Mam Gerty is jeal­ous of Aza­nia and Ace’s new­found bond and she warns Ace to stay away from their daugh­ter. Nosy Char­maine learns about Uhuru and Thandi’s scan­dalous re­la­tion­ship, and Aza­nia’s fam­ily worry even more about Chris when they learn the truth about his painkiller ad­dic­tion. Mean­while, Aza­nia blames her­self for her hus­band’s ac­ci­dent and she’s pre­pared to con­fess the truth to the cops – that Chris was the real driver in the killer car ac­ci­dent. Thandi and Uhuru start plan­ning new lives away from the fam­ily, and Lebo is con­flicted about his feel­ings for his crush Lu­lama. 5 – 6 JUNE The Moswanes are stressed by Aza­nia’s preg­nancy com­pli­ca­tions, and Lebo is dis­ap­pointed when Damian crit­i­cises his new movie project. Else­where, Chris goes miss­ing.

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