Nup­tials & night­mares

EJ Dimera gets a glimpse of what would hap­pen to him if Sami found about his steamy hook-ups with Abby.

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Uh-oh, EJ (James Scott) watches as his king­dom starts crum­bling on Fri­day 16 June when some­one slips an en­ve­lope un­der the door at the DiMera man­sion con­tain­ing pho­tos of EJ and Abby (Kate Mansi). And that’s a prob­lem be­cause EJ is meant to be stay­ing faith­ful to Sami (Ali­son Sweeney). “See­ing the pics is a shock,” says James. “Some­one knows about his tor­rid trysts.” And as James ex­plains, EJ isn’t sure what to do. “It’s one of those times where you feel like some­thing is hap­pen­ing, but you think maybe it’s not re­ally hap­pen­ing and if you look away or blink, it will go dis­ap­pear.”


Un­for­tu­nately for EJ, this prob­lem isn’t go­ing any­where. But be­fore any­thing hap­pens, his guilty con­science plays tricks with EJ on Mon­day 19 June and he has a vi­sion of Sami find­ing out about his cheat­ing. Cue fan­tasy in­tro…

EJ and Sami are at the man­sion dis­cussing their wed­ding when Sami finds the en­ve­lope and pho­tos. “What the hell is that? Is this some­one’s idea of a joke?” she shouts. “This is a pro­fes­sional Pho­to­shop job. Is this Ste­fano’s (Joseph Mas­colo) hand­i­work?” One look at EJ’s guilty face gives away his se­cret and view­ers know that hell hath no fury like a Sami scorned!

“You had sex with our babysit­ter!” says Sami. “She’s your lit­tle brother’s ex- girl­friend and barely out of col­lege. What were you think­ing?” And EJ’s “it meant noth­ing” only angers her more. “What was so ir­re­sistible? She’s young and skinny and I’m not?” Luck­ily for EJ, this is all in his mind. Sami slaps him and jumps on him like a crazy at­tacker, then she holds a ra­zor-sharp let­ter opener to his ch­est be­fore run­ning out the room sob­bing.


Later on Mon­day 19 June, EJ goes to Abby’s house and she re­veals that she’s preg­nant. And who’s that hot on EJ’s heels? Sami, who runs up the stair­case af­ter Abby. A stair­case that Abby can be thrown over… and that’s what hap­pens. But then Sami’s face blurs out as his vi­sion ends and EJ is hold­ing the photo. He has picked it up and ev­ery­thing that’s hap­pened was a vi­sion. That doesn’t mean his se­cret is safe – some­one out there knows…

Sami finds the photo of EJ cheat­ing. EJ’s busted lock­ing lips with Abby!

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