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Fans can’t blame Katie (Heather Tom) for be­ing sus­pi­cious on Tues­day 13 June when she finds Brooke (Kather­ine Kelly Lang) un­der Bill’s (Don Di­a­mont) bed. But noth­ing was go­ing on (this time) be­tween Katie’s hubby and sis­ter and it’s one big mis­un­der­stand­ing.

Brooke sneaks into Katie’s house in the mid­dle of the day to try sur­prise-fix things with her sis­ter. Brooke slips an ex­pen­sive gown into Katie’s closet for the mu­seum char­ity ben­e­fit that day but Bold’s man-eater is in­ter­rupted by a towel-clad Bill, just out the shower. Brooke stam­mers, “What? Fam­ily can show up on the doorstep. Ev­ery­body else has to call.” Ob­vi­ously this is the per­fect time for Katie to show up for some mid­day bed­play with her hubby and Brooke ducks un­der the bed just as the door opens…

Katie con­vinces Bill to skip “that bor­ing char­ity ball” and rather stay in bed with her, but Brooke isn’t about to eaves­drop on her sis­ter hav­ing sex. She jumps out, leav­ing half-naked Katie speechless – for the time be­ing. With Brooke hav­ing tried to steal Bill too many times be­fore to count, Katie’s rage boils over on Wednesday 14 June: “This is clas­sic Brooke. You don’t mean to hurt any­one or cause trou­ble, but things just hap­pen to you. You didn’t come here look­ing for Bill? You came over to bring me a dress to be nice. And the minute you step foot in my bed­room, out comes my hus­band fresh out of the shower. But that’s not your fault. That’s just your luck. The most in­sult­ing part is the two of you are stand­ing here, re­fus­ing to ac­knowl­edge it!”

Any other time and Katie would be to­tally right. Ex­cept this time, Brooke and Bill re­ally are in­no­cent. Oops. NB! See more on p24.

Sur­prise! Brooke’s un­der Katie’s bed!

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