Namhla and Zach are risk­ing more than just work for a kiss…

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Gang­ster Gadaffi (Vuyo Dab­ula) can read peo­ple. It’s part of a gift he has and he knows when some­thing’s up. Like on Wednesday 7 June – his trusted hacker Zach (Mx­olisi Masango) has a crush on Gadaffi’s new­est cy­ber re­cruit Namhla (Thulisile Phon­golo). “There’s his­tory be­tween Gadaffi and Namhla’s fam­ily and he doesn’t want his go-to guy Zach get­ting in the mid­dle of the sit­u­a­tion,” Mx­olisi ex­plains. So Gadaffi warns Zach to stay away. “Gadaffi tells him to not mix busi­ness with plea­sure – es­pe­cially with Namhla Diale,” Mx­olisi adds. Zach pre­tends like he doesn’t know what his boss is on about, but that’s the ex­act rea­son he got Namhla a job along­side him – as part of his plan to start dat­ing her.


On Fri­day 9 June, Namhla’s med­dling mom Lucy (Manaka Ranaka) also isn’t pleased to find out that her daugh­ter is work­ing for Gadaffi, who ac­tu­ally kid­napped and tor­tured Namhla in 2014. “Lucy in­structs her thug pals to scare Namhla off from work­ing for badguy Gadaffi,” says Mx­olisi, but the mis­sion turns ugly and they beat up Namhla. The ac­tor adds that “while Lucy re­grets get­ting Namhla hurt and be­ing in pain, she hopes that her daugh­ter will make bet­ter choices and stay away from a dan­ger zone like Gadaffi”.


But while Lucy tries to mend her dys­func­tional re­la­tion­ship with Namhla on Tues­day 13 June, Gadaffi’s fum­ing when he dis­cov­ers a bug­ging de­vice. “Gadaffi sus­pects that some­one in his own gang is plan­ning to rat him out to the po­lice,” Mx­olisi ex­plains, so the gan­glord starts ques­tion­ing ev­ery­one. Gadaffi zooms in on Zach, think­ing that he might know some­thing about the lis­ten­ing de­vice.

“Zach, in turn, sus­pects that Namhla might have planted it there and he tries to cover up for her. He’ll pro­tect her from any­thing – es­pe­cially Gadaffi,” Mx­olisi says. And Zach’s hunch is cor­rect – Namhla planted the lis­ten­ing de­vice to get in­tel on Gadaffi for the po­lice and the South African Rev­enue Ser­vice, who’re try­ing to ar­rest Gadaffi for his card scams and money laun­der­ing. “But it’s not like Namhla had a choice,” Mx­olisi re­veals. “The po­lice put her in a tight spot; she had to help them get Gadaffi or risk her fam­ily get­ting into trou­ble for their dodgy past.”


De­spite ev­ery­thing go­ing on, Namhla’s in­tent on stay­ing with Gadaffi’s gang. Lucy’s please hit a brick wall and on Wednesday 14 June, she goes on hand and knee and begs her arch en­emy to let Namhla go. “Gadaffi chases her away. He tells her to stay out of his busi­ness and she feels help­less,” says Mx­olisi. Not in­ter­ested in Lucy and Gadaffi’s war, Namhla goes out par­ty­ing with Zach on Fri­day 16 June and Mx­olisi says that “it’s a chance for Namhla to get away from it all. She feels free when she’s with Zach.” He has a soft spot for Namhla and while he doesn’t al­ways agree with her, he’s al­ways there for her.

But things get com­pli­cated on Mon­day 19 June when Gadaffi takes Zach aside and tells him that he sus­pects Namhla of plant­ing the bug. Gadaffi is the last per­son you’d want to mess with and Zach’s al­ready stress­ing about what he’d do. It’s only a mat­ter of time be­fore Gadaffi gets the proof he needs and then even Zach may not be able to save Namhla…

Namhla can re­lax when she’s with Zach.

Lucy tries to save her daugh­ter.

Gadaffi is out for blood.

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