Part­ners in crime

Namhla’s got a scheme up her sleeve to res­cue Zach from the cop trou­ble that she started.

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Usu­ally dodgy hacker Zach (Mx­olisi Masango) can get him­self out of any sticky sit­u­a­tion. But not this time round – he’s in a lot deeper than he re­alises. He blames his new girl­friend Namhla (Thulisile Phon­golo) on Wed­nes­day 21 June when he’s ar­rested. “He can’t stand the sight of Namhla,” says Mx­olisi. “He went look­ing for her and ended up in jail.” Namhla has been work­ing with the cops to get her gang­ster boss Gadaffi ( Vuyo Dab­ula) in jail and Mx­olisi says “Zach was in the wrong place, at the wrong time”. With no ev­i­dence to keep him in jail, the cops let him go later on Wednes-day 21 June but with a warn­ing: they know that he works for Gadaffi and will be keep­ing an eye on him. “Right now, his fo­cus is to stay away from Namhla as much as he can,” adds Mx­olisi.


Hacker Zach knows that he’s go­ing to have a dif­fi­cult time run­ning away from the cops on Tues­day 27 June – they’re watch­ing him to see if he slips up with Gadaffi and they’ll pounce. They want in­for­ma­tion about Gadaffi’s il­le­gal deals and “Zach is in a tight spot. He re­fuses to rat out Gadaffi and it’s frus­trat­ing to the cops,” says Mx­olisi. The cops have been af­ter Gadaffi for years but there weren’t wit­nesses who’d stand up to him in court if he was pros­e­cuted for fraud and mur­der. The cops be­lieve that they’ve got their rat now and with his help, Gadaffi will be be­hind bars. “Zach is scared of get­ting on Gadaffi’s bad side. He’s seen what Gadaffi does to his en­e­mies and doesn’t want to be on his hitlist,” ex­plains Mx­olisi.


Mean­while, Namhla does feel guilty for drag­ging Zach into her mess but she’s try­ing to save her ba­con on Fri­day 30 June and tries to trick him. “She wants him to take the po­lice deal but Zach makes it clear that he isn’t snitch­ing on Gadaffi,” says Mx­olisi. Namhla knows that she shouldn’t have got mixed up with the cops but “they threat­ened to come af­ter her fam­ily, who’re crim­i­nals. So Zach was the best op­tion be­cause she is just as scared of Gadaffi,” says Mx­olisi. It’s go­ing to take a lot more than just con­vinc­ing though for Zach to for­give Namhla.

Namhla and Zach’s re­la­tion­ship is be­ing ru­ined by their boss Gadaffi and the cops.

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