Hubby from hell

Nkunzi es­capes from jail and has a gun to MaNg­cobo’s head.

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Rats are al­ways look­ing for a way out of trou­ble and jailed crimelord Nkunzi (Ma­soja Msiza) is no dif­fer­ent. He’s been plan­ning his es­cape since be­ing dragged out of his wed­ding to MaNg­cobo (Dawn Than­deka King) on Tues­day 20 June. “But first he needs money – and a lot of it to get bail,” says Ma­soja. “There is a prob­lem with that – MaNg­cobo wants noth­ing to do with him!” laughs the ac­tor. Nkunzi tries to get word to his fi­ancée that he needs her help on Wed­nes­day 21 June but she re­fuses. “Nkunzi ru­ined what was meant to be the hap­pi­est day of her life,” says Ma­soja. She is so peeved at be­ing em­bar­rassed again that on Thurs­day 22 June, MaNg­cobo chases Nkunzi’s daugh­ter Zekheth­elo (Nyal­leng Thibedi) out the house and with a mes­sage for Nkunzi: “Leave me alone! I’m done with you!”


MaNg­cobo doesn’t trust Zekheth­elo in her house, “That’s why she throws her out,” says Ma­soja. On Fri­day 23 June, Nkunzi con­tacts MaNg­cobo and “he begs her to take his daugh­ter back in,” adds Ma­soja. “Zekhe has nowhere to go and Nkunzi whis­pers into MaNg­cobo’s sym­pa­thetic, moth­erly ear, but she still re­fuses!” Later that day, MaNg­cobo has a warn­ing for her son Mx­olisi (Nay Maps) too. He was dragged into Nkunzi’s ATM bomb­ings in April 2017 and MaNg­cobo tells him to dump his girl­friend Zekheth­elo be­cause she could be as dan­ger­ous as her dad.

Mx­olisi dumped Zekheth­elo in April to pro­tect her from her dad’s crim­i­nal se­crets but they are both still crazy in love, ex­plains Ma­soja. “She needs some­one by her side. She feels alone and Zekheth­elo needs some­one now that Nkunzi is in jail.” While this is go­ing on, Mx­olisi is feel­ing guilty for help­ing the cops ar­rest Nkunzi. He knows that Zekheth­elo is in­no­cent and she’s pay­ing for her fa­ther’s sins, ex­plains Ma­soja. “Mx­olisi lis­tens to MaNg­cobo and shuts Zekhe out. When Nkunzi finds out, he’s even more des­per­ate to es­cape and save his daugh­ter.”


MaNg­cobo plans a party to cel­e­brate her healed heart on Tues­day 27 June but she finds a nasty, dan­ger­ous sur­prise wait­ing in her house when she re­turns from shop­ping. “Nkunzi hopes to patch things up with her,” ex­plains Ma­soja. “He thinks that hold­ing her hostage will get her to love him back [Laughs].” Her re­jec­tion ir­ri­tates him and Ma­soja says that view­ers will see an even darker side to his char­ac­ter. “Nkunzi is a beast is un­leashed and he wants his way with MaNg­cobo.” The ac­tor adds that while he was drained emo­tion­ally af­ter film­ing the scenes, “Get­ting into char­ac­ter was easy. But Dawn was shocked! I brought out the scary rage… my eyes were filled with rage and I be­came this mon­ster for these scenes.”


While this hostage drama is go­ing on be­hind closed doors, the com­mu­nity is buzzing on Wed­nes­day 28 June as a po­lice search gets un­der­way. Pas­tor Mdlet­she and MaNzuza (Glen Ga­bela and Leleti Khu­malo) are fu­ri­ous about Nkunzi es­cap­ing but they won’t have to wait long to find him. “He leaves MaN­gobo’s house on Fri­day 30 June to get re­venge. And he starts with Mx­olisi for what he’s done to Zekheth­elo,” says Ma­soja. “The com­mu­nity is in fear. Be­fore, he was just a crim­i­nal. Now he’s wild and off his leash!” On Mon­day 3 July word gets out that Mx­olisi is miss­ing, but while Ma­soja says that Nkunzi can’t kill Mx­olisi be­cause it will ruin his re­la­tion­ship with Zekheth­elo”, he doesn’t say any­thing about tor­ture. The ac­tor warns that “Nkunzi has an­other plan to get back at Mx­olisi. And it’s not go­ing to be pretty!”

Nkunzi’s us­ing tough love to win back MaNg­cobo. “I was filled with rage for these scenes,” says Ma­soja.

MaNg­cobo won’t wrig­gle her way free this time.

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