A fool for love

Le­hasa steals Sonti’s money and then dumps her again.

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Naïve busi­ness­woman Sonti’s (Pearl Maimela) plans were to dom­i­nate the nut in­dus­try. Her strat­egy was to start off small and when she knew more about the busi­ness, she’d branch off to the world. That was un­til she met her power-hun­gry boyfriend Le­hasa (Cedric Fourie), who conned her out of a por­tion of her nut dis­tri­bu­tion com­pany with­out her re­al­is­ing in March 2017 – he got her to sign pa­per­work giv­ing him con­trol. ANd he’s not fin­ished – on Fri­day 23 June he plans a party for the com­pany and he’s go­ing con her again. Ex­cept this time, Sonti’s wide away and learns about his shady ways. “She is blown away! Le­hasa is launch­ing Maphosa Nuts af­ter re­nam­ing it from Sonti M Nuts. He doesn’t even have the de­cency to in­vite her,” says Pearl. For once, Sonti ques­tions Le­hasa’s strange ac­tions and “she re­alises that Le­hasa has pulled wool over her eyes. Sonti con­fronts him in front of his guests about steal­ing her nut busi­ness but he lies so that they can still be to­gether,” ex­plains Pearl.


Sonti is fu­ri­ous and de­mands an­swers, but he plays it cool and pre­tends like ev­ery­thing is okay on Tues­day 27 June. He ma­nip­u­lates her into mov­ing away from the guests and into an­other room to talk to her in pri­vate. “Le­hasa tells his guests that Sonti’s ly­ing while fool­ing her by as­sur­ing her that it’s a big mis­un­der­stand­ing,” ex­plains Pearl. He later gives Sonti his com­puter pass­word to “prove to her that he’s telling the truth,” says Pearl. “Sonti be­lieves him and thinks that she might’ve judged him pre­ma­turely.” Since their first meet­ing in De­cem­ber 2016, Sonti’s been in love with Le­hasa and has al­ways wanted to be part of his busi­ness em­pire. She’ll do any­thing to keep him in her life and “she over­looks the truth when it comes to Le­hasa and her busi­ness. She be­lieves that they can make things work.”


Af­ter get­ting away with his mischief, ly­ing Le­hasa tells Sonti on Wed­nes­day 28 June that he’s lost her money that she asked him to put in an in­vest­ment com­pany. Sonti thought that she’d be able to start an­other nut dis­tri­bu­tion busi­ness with this money af­ter the first one didn’t work out and “she’s ter­ri­fied. Sonti doesn’t know what to do with her life now that things aren’t work­ing out again,” says Pearl, adding that Sonti crushed her fam­ily’s heart when she lost her com­pany in March. The Magong­was have never trusted Le­hasa for his de­vi­ous ways. On Thurs­day 29 June, Le­hasa tells Sonti that she won’t have ac­cess to the in­vest­ment com­pany’s web­site and Pearl ex­plains that “Le­hasa tells her there’s no way of mak­ing con­tact with the own­ers. She feels hor­ri­ble but he prom­ises to get her money back’’.


Now that Le­hasa has all that he wants from Sonti – her com­pany and money – he can get rid of her. On Mon­day 3 July she sur­prises him with a visit at his restau­rant Café Rovuwa for a sur­prise date. “He re­alises that he can’t play these games with her any­more. Le­hasa dumps Sonti and tells her to go back to Tur­floop to find some­one who loves her,” ex­plains Pearl. Sonti strug­gles to come to grips with his de­ci­sion – “She’s crushed! Sonti re­alises that ev­ery­thing with Le­hasa was never real. She’s a mess and plans to make amends with ev­ery­one she’s hurt,” hints Pearl. And that in­cludes her cop ex-boyfriend Babeile (Matthews Manamela)…

Sonti loses her cool and lashes out at Le­hasa at his party.

Le­hasa is a snake at ev­ery turn.

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