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Dr Terry Dubrow talks us through spe­cialised surgery, his life as a TV doc­tor and more in sea­son 4 of Botched.

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Plas­tic surg­eries don’t al­ways go ac­cord­ing to plan. That’s when the team from real­ity show Botched (2014- cur­rent) are called in. We chat­ted to Dr Terry Dubrow fresh out of surgery at his LA of­fice and it looks like the new sea­son of re­pair­ing botched pro­ce­dures is go­ing to a whole new level. “Some of the stuff we work on is ridicu­lous,” says the 59-year-old. “There are some very sad sto­ries out there. We treat a woman who did a DIY surgery and she’s in­jected plumb­ing sup­plies and tyre sealant into her face as a filler. Some take months of re­search be­fore we do the surgery.”

What’s new in sea­son 4? In the first three sea­sons, we fo­cused on the surg­eries. This time, there’s a lot more at­ten­tion to the pa­tients’ sto­ries. Yes, you’re still go­ing to see the surg­eries and graphic im­agery, but the life sto­ries come first. You’re 43 episodes in – did you plan on hav­ing a TV ca­reer? Not re­ally – I don’t have a face for tele­vi­sion. [Laughs] This isn’t my first time on TV – I was on [real­ity show] Swan in 2004, as well as Bri­dalplasty (2010-2011). Do all of the TV docs hang around when you’re done film­ing? [Laughs] We mostly know each other from con­ven­tions and med­i­cal work­shops. I don’t hang out with doc­tors on a so­cial level – I have a pri­vate life and it’s im­por­tant to have a clear dis­tinc­tion. I do ac­tu­ally know Doc­tors Drew and Oz (Dr Drew On Call, 2011-2016; and The Dr Oz Show, 2009-cur­rent) but when we’re to­gether, we don’t talk about work at all. Have you ever had to ask an­other doc­tor to help with a tricky surgery? I’m not blow­ing my own horn here, but no. The kind of surg­eries that I spe­cialise in, pretty much no one else does. That makes me the ex­pert. Is there any surgery that you don’t do? Def­i­nitely – I don’t touch noses. My part­ner Dr Paul Nas­sif is the nasal spe­cial­ist while I fo­cus on ab­dom­i­nal and breast-re­lated surg­eries. You’re also the show’s exec pro­ducer… Yes and it’s given me a lot of ideas for other shows, like Botched By Na­ture (2016-cur­rent). But at the same time, I’m al­lowed to get on with the doc­tor work while our tele­vi­sion team do their job – and they do it well.

Dr Dubrow (left) and his show part­ner Dr Nas­sif.

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