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Thomas finds a way to fix things with his fam­ily, and later Thomas of­fers Sally a part­ner­ship deal. Thomas is the new head of Spec­tra Fash­ion but not ev­ery­one’s happy with the rules and reg­u­la­tions that he is im­ple­ment­ing. Thomas tries to bring Sally and Coco back to­gether, and Katie tells Quinn that if Quinn gets in her way, Sally will steam-roll over her. Ridge moves out from man­sion and into the guest house, and St­effy bluntly tells Sally that Spec­tra will never top For­rester Cre­ations in busi­ness. Katie and Quinn are ready to kill each other, and Thomas’s new ideas are a step back­wards for Spec­tra Fash­ions.


Brady is in crit­i­cal con­di­tion but his fam­ily aren’t will­ing to give up on him. John hits out at Chloe for vis­it­ing Brady and blames her for his med­i­cal po­si­tion. Mar­lena holds things to­gether for Chloe and John. Ni­cole, Holly and Eric sneak back into town to visit Brady but they’re spot­ted, and Brady’s con­di­tion takes a dip. Brady is mirac­u­lously cured later but he’s still go­ing to get mi­graines, and Chloe tells the cops where to find Ni­cole and Brady. Rafe ar­rests Ni­cole, and Abe tells Deimos not to start war.


Vic­tor is sur­prised when he gets Abby to con­fess to her crime but even more stunned when he learns some­thing else about her. Vic­tor gives his plan a test run, and Nick threat­ens to lift the lid on Vic­tor. Chelsea doesn’t know what to do with the new in­for­ma­tion, and the Ab­bott din­ner party goes from fun to fright­en­ing thanks to the storm out north. Traci is still hold­ing a grudge, and Abby sides with Dina. Jack knows what to say to whom to get his way, and Hilary or­ders Juliet to stand up for her­self. Ash­ley mean­while quizzes Dina about her new re­la­tion­ship.

Brady’s fam­ily and friends may have to pre­pare for the worst.

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