A mat­ter of life & death

Richard’s re­venge plan against Celia lands her daugh­ter Ndoni on a one-way drug hor­ror trip.

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From the out­side, rich kid Ndoni (Anathi Sey­isi) has it all on drama se­ries Har­vest (2017- cur­rent). Her par­ents Celia and the late Mandla (Masasa Mban­geni and Mu­todi Neshehe) are en­trepreneurs and they gave her ev­ery­thing she’s ever wanted. But it turns out that the fam­ily’s “veg­etable farm” is grow­ing a lot more – dagga! Their wealth isn’t from le­gal sources – it’s from smug­gling drugs. And they’re not a happy fam­ily. “It’s a lie,” says Anathi. “Ev­ery- thing has been a lie!” Mandla’s for­mer right-hand-man Richard (Muzi Mathe­bula) took Ndoni un­der his wing as part of his re­venge plan. He’s an­gry that Celia took over the drug busi­ness that he had helped build. By Mon­day 26 June, Richard’s scheme is tak­ing Ndoni to new lows by giv­ing her new highs – “She’s ad­dicted to [street drug] nyaope. She’s a mess! Richard told his cronies to get her hooked on drugs and they’ve achieved their goal. He wants to ruin Celia and Ndoni is the per­fect tool!” ex­plains Anathi.


The bond be­tween the mother and daugh­ter changed af­ter Mandla was mur­dered in episode 1 and the cracks in their re­la­tion­ship started show­ing. “Ndoni went from be­ing good and well-man­nered to and out-of- con­trol rebel, long­ing for Celia’s at­ten­tion,” says Muzi. He ex­plains that Richard has used this bro­ken bond as an open­ing to ma­nip­u­late Ndoni. “This girl looks up to Richard for the at­ten­tion that she’s never got­ten from Celia,” says Muzi. “Richard was in love with Celia and re­sents her for fram­ing him all those years ago and send­ing him to jail.” He adds that this to hurt Celia for choos­ing Mandla over him. “They have a com­pli­cated re­la­tion­ship, Richard and Celia. They are all car­ry­ing the past around and it’s de­stroy­ing their future,” adds Muzi.


Richard does have a heart though and on Mon­day 3 July, he re­grets pulling Ndoni into his re­venge plan. “His feel­ings for Celia are deep­en­ing and he is des­per­ate to get Ndoni clean,” ex­plains Muzi. “Ndoni wants to quit and she tells him that she’ll try. But as they say – once you’re in, you’re in,” says Anathi. Muzi adds that “Richard con­sid­ers sav­ing Ndoni as a way to win Celia’s heart. Un­like her par­ents, Ndoni didn’t choose the drug world, it chose her. Richard just hopes that he can do it in time…”

Ndoni’s fam­ily por­trait is in ru­ins: her dad Mandla is dead and mom Celia is a druglord.

Richard is go­ing out of his way for re­venge.

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