One stone, two sib­lings

Mrekza wants to de­stroy his ex Lucy and her brother Cosmo.

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Deal­ing with the Diale fam­ily isn’t a good idea. They’re no strangers to break­ing the law and you never know who’ll show up: some­one you can have a drink with or a trig­ger-happy mad­man. But that doesn’t scare Mrekza (Kope Mak­gae). In fact, he’s ready to out- gangster brotherand-sis­ter Cosmo and Lucy (Ron­nie Nyakale and Manaka Ranaka) af­ter Cosmo con­vinced Lucy to dump her “lowly em­ployee boyfriend” Mrekza in April 2017. And he’s got the per­fect scheme on Wed­nes­day 5 July: he’s going to break Cosmo’s heart too!


Cosmo asked Mrekza for love ad­vice in mid June and while he knew that Cosmo was behind Lucy dump­ing him, Mrezka helped. “Cosmo needed tips on ap­proach­ing Nelisiwe (Palesa Nth­lengethwa),” ex­plains Kope. “She works at the S’khaftin fast­food head of­fice and Cosmo took a lik­ing to her.” But while things have been going well, Cosmo has his heart ripped out on Wed­nes­day 5 July. “Nelisiwe tells Cosmo that their ro­mance is over. Shame, the poor guy didn’t see it com­ing,” chuck­les Kope. “Mrekza knows how to ma­nip­u­late peo­ple and he wants to see Cosmo feel the same way he did when Lucy dumped him. He’s planted seeds of doubt in Nelisiwe’s head about the type of man Cosmo is and his plan seems to be going well!”


Mrekza hides his joy on Fri­day 7 July when Cosmo mopes around his fast­food restau­rant. The old Cosmo loved run­ning the streets and hus­tling with his thugs, “But Nelisiwe brought a softer side out in him,” ex­plains Kope. He adds that “Mrekza doesn’t feel bad for get­ting away with the break-up.” But this is only phase 1 of his plan. Next on his hit-list is Lucy. “He’s going to get a girl to come to the restau­rant when Lucy is there and make sure that she sees them to­gether on Mon­day 10 July,” ex­plains Kope. Mrekza still loves Lucy and the way to make her re­alise what she’s lost is to see him with an­other woman. “They never got over each other. Mrekza still loves Lucy and she loves him. He is cer­tain that he’ll ig­nite a feel­ing if he gets an­other girl around the restau­rant,” says Kope.


Mrekza’s sneaky plan goes off with­out a hitch and on Tues­day 11 July, it looks like Lucy is tak­ing the bait. “She’s con­fused. Lucy is scared about what her fam­ily will think of her if she gets back with Mrekza but she also doesn’t know how to fight it.” Mrekza doesn’t care about Lucy’s fam­ily, but he should worry about her tem­per. He gets yet an­other girl to chat him up in front of Lucy on Thurs­day 13 July but “she loses it,” says Kope. “Lucy is ghetto, she’s rough and she screams at him to stop dis­re­spect­ing her. The pa­trons in the restau­rant stand and stare!”


Lucy’s on the verge of a melt­down from Mrekza’s mindgames and she stuns her mom Gog’Flo (Ivy Nkutha) on Mon­day 17 July when she can’t stop talk­ing about Mrekza and all the women chat­ting him up. Gog’Flo can see that her daugh­ter is in a dan­ger­ous place and she tries to talk Lucy out of her feel­ings, “But that’s not who Lucy is. To her, lash­ing out at him and scream­ing at him means ‘fight for me! Don’t move on!’” says Kope. “Lucy doesn’t know what t do.” If she’s this an­gry now, wait un­til she dis­cov­ers that it’s all just part of Mrekza’s sneaky scheme…

Mrekza is a smooth op­er­a­tor when it comes to tak­ing down the two peo­ple who’ve an­gered him most.

Lucy is con­fused about tak­ing Mrekza back.

Cosmo doesn’t know what Mrekza has done.

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