Mom mis­in­for­ma­tion

Mok­gadi and her in-laws are on the same team for once – to take down her ly­ing mother Mary and find her son.

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There’s never a short­age of ten­sion in the Ma­putla house but this time it isn’t be­tween Mok­gadi (Pe­betsi Mat­laila) and her med­dling moth­erin-law Meikie (Har­riet Manamela). They put their dif­fer­ences aside on Wed­nes­day 5 July to question Mok­gadi’s mom Mary (Mot­shabi Tyelele) – she’s on edge ev­ery time Mok­gadi asks about the son she gave up for adop­tion as a teen mom. “It’s driv­ing the fam­ily in­sane. Mary isn’t giv­ing the answers that Mok­gadi wants,” says Pe­betsi. “She be­lieves that Mary is hid­ing info. Mok­gadi is too close to give up her fight and she will find her son – even if that means with­out her mom but with her mother-in-law.” And Mary doesn’t need to be asked twice if she wants to show up her ri­val…


Mary dodges in­ves­tiga­tive jour­nal­ist Mok­gadi’s ques­tions again on Fri­day 7 July but that is enough, ex­plains Pe­betsi. “Mok­gadi is tired of Mary’s games and screams at her mother, or­der­ing her to stop play­ing the vic­tim in this.” Mok­gadi re­grets hav­ing to give up her child and she blames Mary for let­ting her do it. “She wasn’t ready to be a mother, but she wants Mary to own up to that mis­take. Mok­gadi has put her life on hold to search for her son and she needs her mother to help her,” says Pe­betsi. Some­thing isn’t adding up for Mok­gadi and Mary re­fuses to help again on Mon­day 10 July. “This sit­u­a­tion is a mess, I tell you. Mok­gadi is the point where she’s lost all re­spect for Mary and she’d slap her if she could,” warns Mok­gadi.


Mok­gadi’s hubby Leeto (Eric Macheru) and his par­ents Meikie and John (Africa Tsoai) step in on Wed­nes­day 12 July to try calm feud­ing Mok­gadi and Mary but their in­ter­ven­tion turns into an in­ter­ro­ga­tion. “Leeto and John wanted there to be peace but they gang up on Mary,” ex­plains Pe­betsi. “They are tired of Mary’s lies and want her to come out with the truth.” Loose lips sink ships and Mary isn’t going down with­out a fight – she stands up and walks out with­out say­ing a word. “Mok­gadi feels this void. She has been sep­a­rated from her son for 14 years and she just wants to know if he’s alive or okay wher­ever he is and Mary stand­ing in the way of that,” adds Pe­betsi.


Is Mary will­ing to go to prison for her se­cret? Be­cause it’s head­ing that way – Mok­gadi lays po­lice charges against her mother on Fri­day 14 July. Pe­betsi says that “Mok­gadi wants the cops to look into her mother. She thinks that they are the only ones who can scare her.” Meikie sticks her nose in too on Tues­day 18 July and se­cretly meets with Mary to try pry info from her but Pe­betsi adds that “Meikie wants to help Mok­gadi for the sole rea­son that this search is tak­ing a toll on her son’s mar­riage, noth­ing else”.

Mary gets sup­port from her hubby Leeto and his par­ents John and Meikie (left).

Mok­gadi is fu­ri­ous and would love to reach over and punch Mary for what she’s do­ing.

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